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How i lose 4 hours on a single, 1 map mission

Content of the article: "How i lose 4 hours on a single, 1 map mission"

Disclaimer: this is a salty post, im mad AF rn and i need to take it out of my body.

so i started the day near morrrows and say "perfect, i can finish the mystical devil voyager commendation and get the ashen cosmetics" i go all the way to morrows, buy the voyages and finally find 1 with only 1 map.

it took me a couple of minutes until reaching fetchers, finish the skellies aaaaand, chapert 2 notification.

"welp that happens sometime, lets do it quickly… (big mistake).

aaaaall the way to the bottom of the map at ashen, of course when im arriving, the volcano erupted so
im waiting till over, come to the island, take a while but i finished all 4 captains.

Hoping to see the final chapter logo but nope, chapter 3, a fresh new, single island map.

at this point i was sure im gonna finish this sh*t, lets go.

well, 2 meters later i have a karen on me, so ther goes some couple of minutes more, and a little bit of psycological damage.

on the next island im forced to sunk a sloop so, add a battle to the list, just to find this guys killed the first wave of skeletons, i was 15 minutes searching arround the hole island and not a single one, i had to leave the island and comeback when it restarted.

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because this day its already a joke, of course, chapter 4 to the table, at this point im starting to get a little bit angry but nothing serious.

the island is flint lock, im on my way, nothing in the horizon, but wait!, boss music??, yeap, a random skeleton gally emerges and im not able to tall the tale.

so i jump into my mermaid… and spawned on discovery ridge, litterally the other corner of the map…

you can imagine the rest, right now im on chapter 7, i lost my sanity and the voyage just dont want to finish, and every single on of them its "just" a 1 page voyage.

already RKOd my pillow and slamed a sock agains the wall.

and the funny part is, i love this game so much so im literally like

"fuck you and ill see you tomorrow"

thanks reddit user for reading how i lost my afternoon.

(sorry for any typo, english is my second language)


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