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how to NOT be SALTY and I don’t mean the parrot

Content of the article: "how to NOT be SALTY and I don’t mean the parrot"

This story is for the people who complain about ppl stealing their stuff and as they say, being griefed, and chased, and harassed…

I get home from work, load in on a solo-sloop to get my last 4pcs of shark meat, I see a shipwreck near an Ashen Lord tornado and head over. As I raise my sails I see another sloop approaching. I didn't bother stocking my ship at all, didn't even put cosmetics on it, plain ship. This other sloop is decked out with level 4-5 Reapers Emissary, cosmetics, etc. As he pulls up he starts raising his sails. I'm not usually one to fire the first shot but I figure I have nothing to lose may as well practice some pVp and maybe I'll win. I hit his mast w chainshot, then hit him with 2-3cannonballs but my wheel was turned and the ship kept turning so he got a better angle on me, I didn't have a shot anymore, and when I did he kept shooting me off my cannon until I died and I sunk. Also realized it was 2v1 but even at that they weren't very good, neither am I, but they were the better crew for that battle

Respawn at a nearby island. I sail back in the direction of the shipwreck and I see the sloop in the distance and they have moved on to another island. I raise sails at the shipwreck, remember, my goal is shark meat for the shark teeth, I don't care about the Ashen Lord tornado (my point is keep your goals in mind)…before I hit the shipwreck I observe the sloop for a min or 2 and realize they have no more interest in me than I do in them, I didn't have any loot nor an emissary flag when they sunk me the first time

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I hit the shipwreck and collect shark meat, meg meat, fish, an Ashen seafarers chest, a disgraced bounty skull, and a mermaid gem. I turn in and get my shark teeth credit. Back to having no loot on board. At this point my daughter finished watching her Twilight movie (bah! Team Edward! Team Jacob! Lol, so dumb)…so she decided to join my sloop

Meanwhile, the reaper ship turned in at the hideout, lowered their emissary flag, avoided a nearby Reaper chest, and were doing their own thing. So my daughter joins, it's about 6pm and the Daily Bounty to sink a skelly ship expires at 7pm our time. There were 2 skelly sloops and a skelly galleon in range. As we decided to head toward a skelly sloop, here comes this player sloop again. They chased us for 30min, I put our sails in the default position, gave my daughter the wheel with directions, and I spent the next bit hopping off our ship, firebombing them, boarding their ship, dropping their anchor, fighting them, killed one of them, firebombing them 3 more times, boarded them twice, we even raised our sails, turned and had 2-3 naval battles with chainshot, masts down, holes, etc and steered them in and around all 3 skelly ships hoping one might engage them, but they still kept chasing us…at this point I realized they weren't going to quit and we weren't going to get the skelly ship done, so we hooked the edge of a storm, I boarded them and dropped their anchor and fought with them for about 20 seconds while my daughter headed into the storm…and when I died and they couldn't see our ship, we changed servers…was that irritating? Yes.

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But here's my point…

We then loaded into a brig w my wife on a different server, threw up the OOS emissary flag, hit 2 shipwrecks, collected chests, skulls, gems, collected shark meat, meg meat, chicken, snake, pork, etc. Went to a seapost so my wife could get her shark teeth credit, selectively ran our OOS islands, got to level 5, sank a skelly ship, headed to the outpost, killed the Hungering One FINALLY lol, turned in at the outpost, lowered the emissary flag, turned in again at a seapost, then we stored everything we had into a storage crate and I was going to give it away to a sloop I saw nearby bc we were logging off, as we sailed over they fled, even though I messaged them (but understandable), then ShadowMaw spawns and we killed it, had to turn in again to a seapost, then a Reapers Bounty chest spawned so we hunted that down and turned it in, left our storage crate on the dock at Reapers Hideout, sailed over to a fort, loaded up on kegs, and let my daughter send our ship to the deep dark depths for her first time ever using kegs to sink our ship (game clip to be loaded next, if I can figure out technology) While we sailed, we saw a sloop, another brig, and a galleon but everyone was tending to their own business. And ICYW we didn't do the level 5 emissary voyage bc it was getting late and I had to be up early and back at work this morning…stupid jobs! Lol

So even when you think you're sailing experience sucks and this game sucks and why do people have to asshats and why won't other players leave me alone? There's always the other side of the coin, or in this case, the other side of the Sea…"Up is Down"…

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So don't give up, don't uninstall the game, and stop bitching about it on Reddit…bc it happens to most of us. It's nothing new, it's not gonna stop, and it can usually be avoided with a keen eye on the horizon…


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