Sea of Thieves

I can’t remember ever having this much fun in a game.

Excuse the bad grammar and typos, typing this up on mobile.

The general idea of Sea of Thieves has caught my interest since I first heard about 2 years ago. Aside from the general concept of the game, I love both sailing/naval combat (IRL sailor already) and pirates (mostly the fictionalized versions, but real pirate history is fascinating). So the game seemed like a homerun. But then I heard complaints that the game was shallow and just wasn't worth it. That it was lacking. I've always been one of those that wait for the reviews and first impressions before picking up a game. So I opted to let this one go.

Queue Pandemic 2020. Unemployed and free time run rampant. I then hear about SoT hitting Steam. I read updated reviews as well as listen to some thoughts on the game from people in an OW discord I'm in. Supposedly it's great nowadays. But I haven't gotten my UI benefits yet because the state is a mess and I can't afford the price tag. I then discover the Xbox PC game pass. 1 month trial is $1. Ok, let's go.

I've had the game for about a week. I'm generally SUPER nervous about playing games with randos online, especially with voice chat (an anxiety i had) but after a solo sail where I was overwhelmed, I joined some random crews.

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For the past week I have done Flameheart on a 2 man Brig before being chased down by an experienced PvP sloop and sunk, raided Fort of the Damned without any resistance and cashed in 225k (biggest haul I ever thought I could make), solo fought off a meg and skeleton ship double teaming me, lost a ship to the ghost fleet and were then saved by a nearby sloop in exchange for help, so we 4 manned their sloop and finished the quest. Convinced a RL friend to join me where we ran from a Reaper's marked ship and lost them by sailing around an active volcano, blew up a docked ship at a port we desperately needed to be at for a merchant alliance emissary quest and attempted to fight them off the island since they wouldn't leave, only to have them still our ship before we finally were able to kill them and take it back, narrowly saving it from sinking.

I enjoy soloing in this game because I love the sailing. It's relaxing. But oh man, adventuring with a crew is great. 2 nights in a now I caught myself still up at 4am because I was lost in this game. Now I only need to learn to fire cannons more accurately so I'm not useless in PvP.

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