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I dressed my pirate into all the different player types to make an encyclopedia

First of all, please do not be offended by any of this since it is meant to be a joke from some of the stereotypes in this game :). People wear these things sometimes but behave in a completely different behavior/skill level. And besides, the most important part is that you like your own pirate not the others. If If you are feeling brave post your group in the comments 😀 I hope I covered most of different breeds!Anyway here we go (in order of worse to best):

Picture 1: The sailors

One of the most common breed of the seas, usually seen solo or in open crew. They often have an open mic and probably just finished their tutorial and spawned in the game. Their skill level usually is complete 0. They often just bought the game without ever having seen a single video or streamer so the only thing they know is from the maiden voyage. They will usually set sail and crash in a rock then sink.

picture 2 and 3: The crab lords and the kraken lords

Also very common these people managed to complete some basic voyages and with the gold they received they bought a full set of cosmetics, which is either the crab outfit (more often fat pirates) or the kraken outfit (more often skinny pirates) They want to show that they are not sailors anymore and with the lack of a sence of fashion they get somehow attracted to these sets. Their skill level is very bad, they know how to complete quests but that's about it, pve encouters have a high chance of sinking them. As for pvp, they categoricly refuse to do any and will run if any ship comes close until they realise it didn't help them at all once they get sunk.

picture 4: The athena 10 boys

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After tons of sinking and tons of grind one can become pirate legend and eventually athena 10. These people think they have reached the endgame and are very proud of their accomplishments so they put on the entire set. They often go ask for crewmates in the community discord and only accept other pirate legends cause u know, they are part of the good players now. xD *cough . Anyway as for their skill they also avoid any pvp and run aswell so they have no knowledge about it and get dunked by most other crews when catched up. also known for sinking to pve sometimes, they still quest rather slow but they have done enough quests to know how to solve riddels faster and such.

picture 5: The reaper's pyjamas

These are a breed of special pirates who want to look scary and try to pass as a terror of the seas. Their skill level is around the same as the athena 10 boys however instead of grinding athena voyages they grind any pve while running the reapers emmisary. Despite the fact they have a reapers emmisary they are still terrorised by pvp and will run from any approaching ship. They don't make it past grade 3 most of the time.

Picture 6: The trashen lords

These people have a lil more hours than all previous breeds in the game and are always known to be premade usually on a brig. They have already a bigger sence of fashion since they combine some different items from the ashen cosmetics and not just one set. They think they look really badass and I have to admit it kinda looks cool. As for their skill these people understood the basics, these people realised that most of the people in the sea of thieves offer no resistance and they are known to attack sometimes. Perhaps it could be the fact that they feel cocky due to their premadeness? Either way there are still far better players out there and they are known to make some fatal mistakes like anchor fighting and having kegs on the mast.

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Picture 7: The famous tuckers

Those people either do not care about fashion and will dress in a way that they can be as invisible as possible or they are people who wanna be just like the streamers. They use the advantage of the darkness of their clothes to hide around ennemy crews and wait for the perfect time to strike and take their stuff without even having their ship close. They rarely do any pve. Their skill level is decent but it can strongly vary because like I said some of them are trying to be just like their favorite streamer. One thing to note is that their skill is mostly existing in player to player combat, if it comes down to ship combat they usually make big mistakes and will focus on only boarding but this won't work against good crews unfortunatly.

Picture 8: The show offs

These people do not care about fashion. They grinded all the hardest and longest achievments in the game, also using rare time limited cosmetics from a long time ago. Because they have a serious ego problem they put them all on to show it off. My theory is that they are trying to compensate for something :s. This breed is mostly found in arena. Their skill in the game is very decent, they know what they do but because of their ego problem they get overconfident and they always assume they are the best which can bring to their demise (however they don't lose too often). When you happen to kill/sink them they will be extremely salty and trash talk you for being either lucky or using op double gun or using braindead sword spam, basicly they will find an excuse for being outplayed because their ego cannot handle the situation. In case they beat you, they will also trash talk, but this time it will be saying that you are a bot and that you are soo bad (it boosts their ego).

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Picture 9: and finally you have a last special category which is where I belong: The fashion pirates 🙂

These people will not use cosmetics to show off or just buy an entire set because it matches automaticly but instead they use cosmetics because they like it and they combine items from all different sets until they found something that matches and that they like. The skill level of these people can range from anything between trashen lords and wallbanging gods who make montages on youtube. It's often a mistake to underestimate them because they don't look special. The only thing betraying their anonymity sometimes are their titles.


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