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I had a truly epic final voyage to conclude my Sea of Thieves journey.

Content of the article: "I had a truly epic final voyage to conclude my Sea of Thieves journey."


A bit of a long one, but I will preface with this; today marks the day where I finally unlocked my favorite title “Legend of the Sea of Thieves.” It has been a grueling grind and I’m happy I completed it before I have to return to work next week and won’t be able to play for the foreseeable future.

The Beginning

After this momentous occasion, I decided to end my journey how I started it; an open crew galleon. I imagined this would end in a fairly straightforward manner; I drag the crew around, teach them the game, etc. I think it’ll be a straightforward game. How horribly wrong I was.

Meet the Crew

Meet my crew! An old pre-order player that came back after years of inactivity, a fairly new player to the game in general, and a legendary Sea Dog. Both the new player and the pre-order players had mics, so I started up some banter. I explained emissaries, new events, new content and various features in general. I dragged them around Daggertooth raising and lowering various emissaries to teach them how the mechanics worked.

Friend or Foe?

All was well and fine until I took them to the Pirate Legend tavern(the opening of which left them in awe). There was another Legendary Sea Dog chilling there! We said hello and decided to alliance once returning to the surface. He ended up being a solo sloop, so I allianced them and had both ships raise Reapers emissaries.

The Destination is Set

I wanted my new crew to get some good loot, so I took them to a Fort of the Damned(I think you see where this may be going). I gathered up the lanterns and painstakingly explained every mechanic to my crew. We finally managed to get the Fort started and the actual waves went fairly smoothly until a couple of sloops showed up. The first sloop went down easily without much fight, but the second crew were experienced tuckers.

The Conflict Begins

I sword-dashed around the island and found the tuckers fairly easily. Both were dispatched and Greymarrow(the final boss) was defeated. We opened the vault and started transporting the loot. I offered my spot on the galleon to the solo Legendary Sea Dog if they wanted the sell when the Legendary Sea Dog on my crew leaves the game. I was confused for a bit, and my other two crewmates were as well… I invited the solo sloop player over to the galleon for the loot when our former teammate appeared on the sloop. Uh-oh.

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The Betrayal

At this point, the sloop was level 4 reaper and the galley was level 5. The Legendary Sea Dogs teamed up and attempted to wreck this motley crew. With 1 man down, an inexperienced crew and 2 experienced players to defeat, I had to act fast. I managed to kill one of the two, but unfortunately failed to finish the last. I informed my very panicked and confused crew that we were being backstabbed. I told them to fight the sloop and to bail and bucket immediately. By the time I’d arrived, the sloop crew had stolen the Athena, but didn’t take anything else. I manage to kill the boarding sloop player and the other player that was blasting the ship with cannons. I work quickly and bark commands at my two frantic crewmates to get the ship rolling again.

The Great Escape

I managed to buy some time with my kills, our escape would have to be swift. I checked around the ship and found one of the tuckers from before in the captains quarters. I dispatched them quickly and got on the helm after lifting anchor. Lady luck was on my side, and the seas gave us full wind to Reaper’s Hideout. We manage to reach the Hideout with the sloop hot in pursuit.

The Turnaround

Due to my crew’s sluggish response times to my commands, we went a bit off course at reaper’s. We were close, but not close to the dock. I had to make a gambit. I had my crew drop anchor near land then and there to act as though we had jumped off with the loot and were desperately trying to sell. I told my crew to get on cannons as the sloop sailed by. (Ta-da, a 4th joins the crew!) The 4th is confused and terrified by the absurd amount of chaos he spawned into, but listens to my command to get on cannons. The sloop sails in and my gambit pays off. We unleash a 4 cannon barrage and I knock the sail down with a nicely placed chainshot.

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The Climax

I fire off to the sloop and kill one of them with a clean Eye of Reach shot. I board, but find the other missing. The sloop promptly sinks with no repairs and off in the distance, I see a rowboat. It’s the other player with the Athena! I inform my crew of the rowboat’s location, but it’s no good. They don’t know where it is, and the anchor’s dropped. They’ll be well off before all of that’s complete. I gather the bit of loot on the sloop and collect the level 4 flag.

The Payout

I finally gather my bearings with the crew, summarized what happened with our astounded and shellshocked 4th and turned to the dock to sell. I receive a “GG” through the companion app, and we succeed in selling all of the loot. My crew thanks me in a very dazed manner and I informed them that they did well. Though we had lost the Athena, I had originally planned to sell it to Reaper’s anyways, so the flag ended up suiting us better. My crew seemed to be alright with how things turned out. They added me and bid me good night.

The Conclusion

I logged out. It’ll be a long while before I return, but this final voyage truly reminded me of the nature of Sea of Thieves. It’s truly a fantastic game with danger, treasure, friends, foes, and betrayal. I did not need that gold or reputation, but I fought for my dysfunctional, but loyal crew. I will return again someday to set sail once again, but I’ve been reminded again… It’s not about the gold, it’s truly about the glory. I am happy to have been able to share my story, and this was my first voyage as “The Legend of the Sea of Thieves.”

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I set sail as final send off on open crew galley. We run into solo player in tavern. Crew decides to do fort of the damned. I help them do so. One of the galley crew decides to betray us and joins the solo. They pound into us, but I manage to get enough time to escape. We make it to sell point but have to fight. We manage to win, sloop sinks, we get a 4th finally and sell. We lost the athena, but get a level 4 reaper’s flag. I fought tooth and nail to save my crew’s hard fought loot and managed to do so, even against difficult odds.


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