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I introduced a friend to SoT today. We ended up becoming ocean hobos.

Content of the article: "I introduced a friend to SoT today. We ended up becoming ocean hobos."

After finally talking him into trying out the PC gamepass, we loaded up on a Brig with a longtime crew member. We had a surprisingly good amount of success, managing to make a good 200k with no problems. We sold it all as level five reapers as well.

My other friend and I usually like to make a habit of beelining for the fastest way to kill ourselves when we're about to get off. This time around, we saw a Brig moored in the distance, and charged at full speed, intending to ram it and die in the resulting battle. When we got closer, we were greeted by the melodious sound of middle school voices hurling slurs at us, as they do. We changed our minds about dying to that sort of person, at least without taking them with us, so we lit our ship on fire and slammed into their ship. As it turned out, we survived the battle while they did not. Our ship was long destroyed, but theirs wasn't, so we quickly commandeered it and headed toward a sloop we saw in the distance, battling them as necessary until they eventually disappeared, I assume having switched servers.

As we chased the sloop, seeking honorable deaths, the brig sank due to the other crew having been gone from the server for too long. It went down a couple hundred meters from a random island. We swam to the island, fighting off sharks as a group, hoping to catch the sloop as it went around, but we were too late. It was already heading away. Luckily for us, there was a dinghy with a harpoon on the island. We piled in and continued our pursuit. Eventually, they stopped in the water for a bit, though I'm not sure why. Maybe the person was in awe of the lengths our little band of idiots was going through to reach them. He raised anchor as we approached, but our harpoon gave us the chance we needed to board. We battled briefly, but given that it was only one person, he died quickly. When he respawned, we communicated peace through dance, while my friend piloted the newly acquired sloop, our fourth ship if you count the dinghy, toward yet another sloop in the distance. We reached it, plowing into it as all FOUR of us, meaning my friends and our newly acquired ally, piled onto the new sloop. No fighting this time, we just introduced ourselves as hobos of the sea and sailed on with the fifth addition to our merry band, drinking and shanty-ing all the way.

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Eventually, a skeleton sloop surfaced and attacked. We knew exactly what we had to do at this point. Our fourth member fell into the water and disappeared at some point, but number five, captain of the current sloop, stayed with us. After much wrangling, my two friends and I managed to board the skeleton ship and suppress it's crew enough to ride along. Unfortunately, betrayal struck. Our fifth, now fourth, member, stayed on his sloop and opened fire. Though it broke our hearts, our new crew were the skeletons, so we defended our skeleton ship as best we could, repairing holes and returning fire along with the bone boys. Eventually, our former ally hopped ships and attacked us. We had no choice but to try and finish him off, but sadly he managed to kill one of us and escape once his ship went down via a mermaid. Even after he was gone, we were unable to reach our friend in time, as skeletons blocked our path.

The solemn duo that remained, my SoT veteran friend and I, continued on the skeleton ship, clutching the reaper flag of the traitor until we stumbled into an unlikely reunion. Our fourth cremate who'd disappeared earlier, was ahead, back on his ship. The skeleton sloop seemed to want to attack him, so we figured it was our chance to hop ships again. Unfortunately, the skeletons decided it was high time to return to the underworld, and vanished beneath the waves, dragging us along with it. We surfaced and called for help, but #4 seemed to be too far to notice. We swam along sadly, using up our food stores to survive the sharks, until, lo and behold, #4's ship was ahead of us in the waves. We made it aboard, and I offered up the Reaper flag as payment for use of his ship, as in the distance we saw the distinct flag of #5. We knew we had to avenge our fallen friend, so we sailed straight for him, ramming him off the coast of an outpost. We thanked #4 and jumped aboard. A fierce battle raged, but our newly formed trio slew him as the ships burned around us. As both vessels sunk along with the cursed traitor, my friend and I swam to shore, along with #4.

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The only puzzle that remained was how to reunite with our original crewmate, who had sunk on his way to us after encountering another ghostship. Wouldn't you know it, a shiny new brig had spawned in at the outpost. We looked at each other for a moment before hopping on and pirating it away. One of their crew made it aboard, but we forced him below deck with piratey threats, making him tell the rest of his crew to stay on shore. I'm sure he was finding it pretty entertaining, or else he could have definitely had the others come and another bloody war would've raged. We sailed to the island my sunken friend had marooned on and picked him up. While we were distracted, our prisoner made his move. Fire bombs were hurled at us and the other two crewmates appeared. It was a fantastic fight aboard a flaming ship, but once again, we had endured. Still on fire, we crashed onto the shores of a skeleton fort, where, content with being reunited with our friend, the four of us played shanties as the fire consumed us.

On the ferry of the damned, we met the crew who's ship the final battle had taken place on. Our former prisoner danced with us in ghostly joy as we clanked chains, but one of the others had some choice words for us. We tried to explain the unpredictability and danger of hobo life, but we sadly will never know if he forgave us our unconventional acts of piracy, as he disappeared through the door.

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When it was again just the four of us, we waved goodbye to #4, our unlikely partner in crime, and closed the game.

tl;dr, what started as introducing a friend to SoT turned into a profitable venture followed by abject homelessness (shiplessness?), which led to us commandeering six separate ships in an epic tale of loss, revenge, and unity.


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