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I lost the fight but won the war!

Content of the article: "I lost the fight but won the war!"

Last night I hopped on to finish the event to sell 3 ashen wind skulls.

After heading to last island I dig up my angry chest and ashen skull and start putting them on my boat when I notice some asshats rushing towards me, I quickly get fire flower skull and try to run but get chain shot and boarded. I picked up the skull and set my ship ablaze hoping to scare off the boarder but alas I got killed.

With my heart pumping because I just wanted to finish this and get off I was pretty annoyed. I respawn looking for fire skull and just when I find it I got killed again. Thinking I lost everything I let out a big well hope you guys like getting basically nothing for the effort.

I respawned again just as my ship was sinking and was able to jump off the boat and was chased bu spawn camper. I shoot him in the face and kill him thanks too the fire. I immediately look for the skull because thats the only thing I need. I see it glittering in the water. Knowing his partner is on lookout for me and worried about his partner respawning I rush for the skull grab it and just start diving.

Frantically scared of sharks or being seen and giving chase I keep swimming and diving in any direction. It was also dead night so I have absolutely no idea where I'm going. The last island I was on was Barnacle Cay just north west of Ancient Spire Outpost. Thankfully I discovered that you can BBQ sharks with the skull if your at the surface.

After swimming all night and burning 5 sharks I see a small island in the distance and rush for it. This must have been some no name little thing because I dont remember seeing a name pop up. I couldn't believe that there was actually a row boat on this tiny speck.

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Now I have food and transportation, only thing to worry about is that I'm lost and avoid any players. I hide in some trees till night hoping to see some lights of an outpost in the distance. I believed I traveled North but couldn't tell, once night hit I see lights and an outpost. Lurking by a rock waiting to ambush players was what I believe to be the same ship that got me but couldn't be sure at distance.


I head for another island with lights in the distance knowing it wasn't an outpost but was trying to get some idea where I was. After rowing all night I make it to the large rock/place that isn't marked but has lots of buildings on it. From there I start looking around to see if I recognize any islands. I see it weird formation in distance recognizing it to be reapers hide out.

After getting my bearing I know that Dagger Tooth Outpost is north of me. I start rowing worried about if big waves can sink row boats because my skull was out of juice. Seeing Shipwreck Bay in distance I know I'm getting close as night falls. Using the lights from the outpost to guide me, I keep rowing.

After two in game days, I finally make it to an outpost and sell my skull completing the event and than get to say to myself dam this game can really annoy me.

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This is how I lost the fight but won the war, thank you for your time and hoped this inspires millions.


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