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I Miss Skull Fort Hopping

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I miss the experience I had of server hopping for skull forts back at the first few months of the game.

What is fort hopping? At the launch of the game, skull forts would reward with the highest value and most well balanced array of loot. The issue was that Skull Forts would only activate on a server every 3 hours. Due to this, Forts were highly coveted by everyone in the game due to its value and infrequency. It was near impossible to pass up the opportunity to complete a Skull Fort when it suddenly activated on your server. Therefore, crews would often load into multiple servers until they would find one with an active skull fort with the sole intention of going there and getting its loot.

Fort hopping led me to having frequent and intense battles. A fort would be contested nearly 90% of the time if you were on a server with other people. I considered these pvp battles to be the actual challenge of Skull Forts instead of the actual waves of skeletons. Crews would constantly return to fight over the Skull Fort loot and even compete in long chases to snag the once coveted Stronghold Chest and Skull.

Since the Shrouded Spoils update in December 2018, Skull Forts are not as valued or as rare as they once were. I find it surprising to ever have to fight over a Skull Fort anymore. This could easily be due to all large reward events being very frequent and there being ways to earn loot of almost equal value in similar time frames. There is also the fact that a number of the rewards that you once could only get from those forts can now be found by uncontestedly killing a random megalodon, skeleton ship, or kraken.

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The closest thing able to possibly match the perceived value Skull Forts had in the past is now The Fort of the Damned. My problem with the FotD is that it can be activated on demand, which partially devalues the experience. Not to say that they are not ever contested or highly valued. I just think it is far easier to pass up opportunity to fight over an FotD because you know that you can activate it whenever you want. My personal experience would say that other players do not activate (and attempt completing it) often enough and that when My Crew activates it no one contests us very often outside of maybe an annoying sloop that we swat away like a fly ;). These last two points are anecdotal of course so don't feel the need to address them too harshly in replies.

The point of this post is to outline my missing an event that is near impossible to pass up because of its high value and infrequency, not the actual act of server hopping for active Skull Forts**.** Imagine seeing on the horizon, an event that you know only occurs every 4 hours and has equal or higher tier loot than FotD. You would be more likely to contest that and use every piece of your arsenal of supplies and strategies to finish it.I miss the experiences created by the old Skull Forts and I would like to see something like that in the game again. Upvote if you feel similarly and reply if you have agreeing or differing opinions.

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