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I think I figured out what structure is going to be on outposts, your thoughts?

We all see the construction going on at the outposts and we all wonder what it is. New faction? New store? Nope, I believe, with strong confidence it's a Hunter's Call expansion that might include mermaids.

Why? First, the structure. This is the weakest link but it should be pointed out that is does kind of look like a beached ship or rowboat, which will fit with the Hunter's Call theme.

Second, the gray blotch. It's a turtle, something that links up with the Hunter's Call the most.

Third, the pattern. We have been getting updates for all trading companies, Ancient Vaults, Ghost Ship Battles, Lost Shipment, so the next update is most likely another upgrade for a trading company, not a new one. The base three are already upgraded so that just leaves Athena's, Sea Dogs, and Hunter's Call. Reaper's, as of now, don't really need one.

Fourth, the mermaids. Duke being located at the mermaid statue at Mermaid's Hideaway is an obvious hint to evil mermaids. The trading company best "themed" for that type of thing is Hunter's Call.

Fifth, the voyage you can buy from Larinna. Did we really need a voyage to tell us were to go to get certain fishes? Would a simple piece of dialogue clear the air? My guess, this is a future voyage that is in testing or it will act as a basic, low level, voyage. Similar, to the dig up buried treasure voyage, animal cargo, and killing regular skeletons.

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Sixth, the smoking gun, the Festival of Fishing. The lore goes as is, The Bilge Rats only create events as incentivizes to thwart off some sort of evil, but the Hunter's Call family drove Larinna crazy enough for her to give in and promote such a useless event. This would be a great bridge to provide an explanation for the sudden growth of the Hunter's Call on outposts and expanding their company beyond just their -errik ending family.

I could be just finding connections that simply exist out of coincidence and for all I know it could be something completely different. However, to me, there is to much to be a "coincidence", so I have it under strong confidence that it will be a Hunter's Call expansion, but hey, what do you think? Would this be a cool addition if you agree?


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