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I was falsely banned, and this highlights an issue

Recently, I found myself in some hot water with other members of the community. Put simply, I was reporting some of these players to Rare for using a 120 FOV cheat, not because of what they were using but because of how they got it. As they specifically were using this on Xbox only servers, it required third party software to acquire, that’s where I have an issue with it.

These players then did something that I would consider worse than cheating, some of them photoshopped my gamer tag onto in game messages that were nothing short of incredibly racist, notably they sent me these images beforehand. The goal of these images was to get me banned from the game, as payback for players getting banned from my reports. I personally didn’t think much of these screenshots, as there were some glaring issues with them, ranging from a missing colon after my name to the transparency of the text box behind it, and I also assumed that Rare had chat logs that could disprove these images. I sent in a ticket to Rare pretty quickly after I received the first image, basically just explaining that it was fake and what to look at to prove it. That is why about a week ago I was very surprised to find out that I had received a temporary ban. When I sent in another ticket to Rare asking about the reason for my ban, they said that it was multiple violations of the pirate code. Luckily for me, I knew exactly what was going on, so I immediately sent in another ticket explaining the situation, giving the timeline relative to a YouTube video of mine about it, as well as a motive that these players would have to do create these images. To Rare’s credit, about a day and a half later my ban was lifted early. I then discovered that at least one of the players who sent in these images against me had received a permanent ban for using falsified evidence to report me.

While my personal situation was made right, this really highlights a major issue in Rare’s banning system. If I hadn’t been lucky enough to have been sent the images beforehand, there’s no way that I would have gotten unbanned early, and nobody would have received any consequence so they’d have been free to create more images later to ensure that I got a permanent ban instead of just a temporary ban. It shouldn’t have taken me knowing what was going on in order for Rare to ensure the validity of the screenshots, and that players have no way of debating their ban with rare since under normal circumstances there’s no way for people to know the exact thing that got them banned. Even beyond the player that gets banned, it’s impossible for others to avoid what it is bannable if the evidence is never supplied.

Edit: I am not the only story like this. A player named MiddlePegLeg was banned because a player cheated on an account named MiddlePegIeg. If the real one hadn’t seen the cheater’s name by a chance discord message he would have been permanently banned for nothing, with no course of action.


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