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Ideas for features for SoT

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  1. Locking a player in the brig will kick them out of the match after 15 minutes. This will allow open crews a way to properly deal with trolls and griefers that purposely get locked in the brig and use it as a method to gain money from the work of everyone else.
  2. Bombs of any kind are restricted to the brig when a player has been sent to the brig. This will deal with griefers being able to still throw blunder and fire bombs from within the brig.
  3. Players in the brig will receive no money from the selling of the other crew members.
  4. When respawning to your ship the spawn location will be random with the possibility of spawning in 4 places. Next to the wheel, on the crow's nest, on the main deck and on the lower deck. This will counter spawn killing.
  5. Minigames such as checkers, chess, poker and others may be accessed within the map table without completely overlapping the map (transparent) to any player within the crew. Players will be allowed to add in wagers and bets that do not exceed 10,000 coins.
  6. Allow us to name our ship at the ship yard. Whenever the ship sinks it will notify us with the name of our ship and fallen emissary flags will also say which ship it belonged to.
  7. Allow us to rename and customize alliances.
  8. More curses and clothing please.
  9. Ship model variations. Nothing that changes gameplay but just changes the model of the ship a bit.
  10. Ship Curses. Similar to the current player curses but for the entire ship no matter what other cosmetics it currently has equipped.
  11. Allow for two currently equipped items such as weapons or miscellaneous objects such as a compass to be shown hanging from our belt. This can be enabled from the Customization chest.
  12. Cloak physics so that our coats don't look like they are glued onto our pirate's legs.
  13. Crew Duels. Two or more participants may vote on a table to engage in a duel with each other, upon voting the players are restricted to using wooden swords that do no damage but function the same as a standard sword. This will allow players more things to do while in particularly long voyages and will let newer players receive training from more experienced players. This "duel" mode will be disabled for everyone as soon as either participant chooses to put away their wooden sword.
  14. Allow us to speed up or slow down songs in instruments.
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