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I’m just gonna list off an order of events that just happened to me.

Content of the article: "I’m just gonna list off an order of events that just happened to me."

For background detail I was a Solo Sloop doing the Star Gazing Tall Tale so I had no Treasure.

I was trying to figure out the puzzle with constellations when I got attacked by a Brigantine who started to open fire.

I was able to start to run with them behind me, so I lowered Anchor in between two massive Rocks and parked sideways to surprise them with cannon fire.

They passed by me letting me get the first few shots and they missed all of their shots.

One of the crew members came onto my ship trying to apologize to me, I let him on but it was clear I didn’t trust him fully.

The Brigantine lowered Anchor next to my boat (still in between two rocks mind you) and the other two members jumped onto my boat.

At that point I figured if they wanted me dead they would have killed me by now so I eased up cause of the lack of treasure on my Sloop.

For a short while we just kinda hung out on both ships until the Brigantine sunk somehow, so they brought their loot onto my ship, after that we all just stayed on my ship for a bit while playing music until one person jumped off of my ship to a Mermaid.

We stayed for awhile until the guy who found the Mermaid brought back a Brigantine so the two others still on my ship could get out, so they had helped me get out from the rocks and go to meet their ship.

The other two got off my ship onto their own ship with their valuable loot, so we sailed off together in a random direction with a Harpoon connecting us.

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Then a Skeleton Brigantine showed up, and despite our best efforts, their Brigantine got sunk so they all got onto my ship again with their loot, so I decided to take all 3 of them to a nearby Outpost to sell their stuff.

Once we got there some of them sold their stuff, some of them walked around, and I set up a campfire.

Once everyone was done with what they were doing we all came together to play a song for awhile until we scattered to go do something each with me just sitting on the dock.

A mermaid showed up to take them all back to their ship, so we said goodbye and they went to a different outpost to get their ship as I left the game soon after.

tl;dr: I got into a ship fight 1v3, hid from them, they found me, me and the crew of the other ship had talked for a bit, their ship sank so someone went to go get a new one, we talked for a bit until the person came back, we all left together until their ship got sunken again, I took them to a Outpost to sell their loot, we had a party, then we all parted ways.

Overall probably one of the best experiences I’ve had in SoT, and also sorry for this being so long, I just wanted to share the fun time I had with others who were originally my enemies. Also sorry if the post is a bit hard to understand just ask me in the comments if you have any questions.


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