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Interacting With Other Pirates – The Good and the Bad

Content of the article: "Interacting With Other Pirates – The Good and the Bad"

So recently, my crew and I have been trying to be nicer to the ships we come across on the seas. We’ve been attempting to make friends as we come across other ships while we play and have had a lot of successful encounters. However, despite our best efforts there’s still pirates that have, for one reason or another, lost all trust in other pirates on the sea.

Now, we will almost always engage in combat with a ship if we feel it is worth the effort. But these days we rarely come across a ship containing valuables worth fighting. So instead of bullying newer players for their supplies, we have been trying to make friends. We do have one rule when we do this. If you fight us after we’ve shown signs of good faith, we will fight back and show no mercy.

The other night we were returning a missed delivery to a merchant emissary that was close to the outpost we spawned at. We approached them and began swimming the delivery to them. Despite announcing our intentions they began to fire at us. We provided several other warnings before I gave the order to attack,

We decimated the merchants, took their supplies, and despite begging for mercy, sunk their ship and took their flag.

That same night, we found a sloop who was trying to get a reapers bounty. They were friendly and we escorted them to turn in their loot. Made an alliance and took down flameheart. We then befriended them and they joined our crew to complete our gilded voyage.

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In an attempt to complete the summer events challengers, we met some pirates today that allowed us to board them and play shanties. We lowered each others anchors and went on our way. We delivered treasure to another player and they sat with us on a skeleton throne.

We needed to deliver a grade five emissary to reapers, and we saw someone was running an Athena. Naturally we check thieves haven and by luck the solo sloop was level 5 Athena. Now unfortunately this person had loot worth stealing so we did take their things as soon as the opportunity struck.

The moral of the story I guess is if a ship manages to sneak up on you, and hasn’t attacked you yet, it’s safe to say they’re probably friendly. If you’ve got nothing to lose, I encourage interacting with your fellow pirate. If you’ve got a haul worth defending, by all means, shoot first, ask questions later.


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