Sea of Thieves

It Finally Happened (PvE Troubles)

So I’m a relatively new player, and while I’ve certainly had encounters with crews bent on sinking me, today I finally felt like I understood why so many PvErs hate the PvP side of the game. I had been grinding for 3-4 hours getting multiple gold vaults and leveling up my gold hoarder emmisary flag, I was running low on time and I didn’t wanna commit to another vault but my flag wasn’t at 5 yet so I took a low tier Gold Hoarder quest to top it off. While I was digging my treasure up, I noticed a ship that I had seen several times during my session arrive at the island as well. As they seemed friendly enough, I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Clearly a mistake in hindsight, but whatever. The fight was over before it started; they had me outnumbered three to one. After the imminent ambush and a few frustrating spawn kills, they managed to sink my poor sloop and began collecting their treasure. I try not to be a sore loser, so throughout this I’m saying “well played” and “ggs” but they don’t respond. Voiceless assailants are even more unsettling than normal ones. I thought I was mad, but the only thing I was consistently feeling throughout the attack was this abstract dread. I knew I couldn’t beat them. I knew what that meant. And you know what? It fucking sucked. Shit hurts. I hated that feeling of making so much progress only to lose it, and I’m sure that sentiment is universal. I hated that I’d basically wasted 4 hours of my weekend. Is that how a healthy game should make you feel when you log off? The more I thought about it though, the more I realized I just needed to find something to make it okay. For me, that’s that this game is the most beautiful I’ve played so far. The stunning sunsets, the playful jigs, the cascading waves. Once I realized that just sailing around in this world was a privilege I felt a lot better. I don’t know what that thing is for everyone. I’m fairly sure for some people it’s griefing and spawn-camping. But if we can all find parts of the game that are untainted and undiluted, maybe we’ll all have a better time.

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TL:DR: Focusing on the things you enjoy in this game make it less frustrating to lose. I know it’s cliche, but I believe there’s a certain song about “counting your blessings” that we can all take to heart. Anyways, until we meet again, sailor. May your vessel be swift and the seas be kind beneath her!

Edit: Got some criticism in the comments so I wanted to amend what I said. You can pretty much chock up all my big sad energy here to me getting a little too into storytelling, at the end of the day it’s really just a minor inconvenience to me. Also wanted to say that I actually WASN’T considering if the opposing pirates didn’t have mics or didn’t speak English or any other problem that would hinder our communication. That’s a really good point and I didn’t think of that, but my real frustration was that you can’t negotiate with people who can’t or aren’t willing to talk, and that was pretty much my only hope given the situation.


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