Sea of Thieves

Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to some Athena’s emissaries last night

My friend and I decided we had enough for the day, so we destroyed our ship as usual and watched it go down. I then took a mermaid to see where it had spawned, and lo and behold, on Mermaid's Hideaway with an Emerald, ammo box and a mostly filled wood crate. We decided to retrieve it, then sail back to the nearest outpost (it's not much, but it's something). By the time we got on board with the last crate, a certain type of music started playing… And when we looked outside, we saw an Ashen Lord having spawned right in front of us.

Last time we tried to fight one, we didn't know what to expect and got sunk pretty early on, not to mention some Reapers that were near us making things harder. Because we were pretty much alone in our area, we decided to try and fight it. Old Horatio gave his best shot, we died a few times, but eventually we got him to low enough health at the start of phase 3 we could start wailing on him… When we noticed our ship was still on fire because one small fire the hold had spread. We were too late to save the ship, but we did manage to beat the Ashen Lord trough sheer determination. When the old shipwright disappeared, I went to collect all the loot while my friend took a mermaid back to sail the ship back to the island. For him, it was a story worth telling, managing to evade a Reaper through some careful positioning through rocks, sailing right through Flameheart's armada, and encountering a Meg along the way.

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At the same time, while I was waiting for my friend to pick me up, I saw a sloop approaching that definitely wasn't him. An Athena's Fortune emissary, coming to a stop near the beach I was placing the loot. Initially I very much panicked, loaded my rifle, and determined to go down fighting over what we managed to got… Only to be greeted with a speaking trumpet saying they didn't want to kill me. Turns out, they found it only fair that we deserved the loot as we, rookies with under 100 hours, managed to defeat an Ashen Lord. They intended to do a Fort of the Damned, and one of them asked me to kill him for the Pink Flame, so I obliged. The other helped me gather the rest of the loot and we had a nice chat. Eventually my friend arrived, and they helped us load everything aboard when they made a request…

Their own sloop was loaded with gunpowder barrels for the FotD, but they did need a white flame. They then asked us if we could sail into the storm nearby to have someone get the flame and then hand it to one of their sloop's lights. We agreed, raised an alliance flag, but once we got into the storm, we had bad luck with lightning hitting us (despite standing in the crow's nest and using my sword, even tried to insult Zeus for better results), and we then saw a galleon and the Reaper sloop from earlier having an altercation. We went for the wisest option and went back to the nearest outpost, sold our stuff, when the Athena sloop also docked: they managed to negotiate with the galleon and sloop and wanted to do a FotD with them. As it was getting quite late for us, we told them we couldn't participate. After some thank you's and goodnights, we saw them sail with the others towards the Fort of the Damned as we disconnected.
You guys are awesome, and have definitely given us a good show of what Sea of Thieves can be with cooperation. Thank you so much for letting us keep our loot, you guys are true legends.

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