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Learn from getting outplayed.

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Decided to hop into a random galleon with a friend tonight for a YouTube series I’m working on, and when I loaded in I noticed that I had a fellow PL in my crew (been pl for a long time and I just enjoy pvp and the crazy bs my crew and I pull off) he didn’t have a mic, but he typed at me that he had just hit pl last night and had never done an Athena. I decided to say “Fuck it” and do one and when our crew filled with a fourth, it was another pl. Both of them were cool but didn’t talk and one rarely responded when I tried to give tips on preventing Athena steals (don’t mark on the map where you’re going, never leave the ship alone and if possible keep it in constant revolution around the island, don’t type in chat or hot mic where you’re going, and check for tucks anytime a ship passes by or every time you stop at an island.) they both typed that they understood and we went on our way. I’m never the helmsman in my crew, I’m good on cannons and I like fighting people, so I board ships and, when we do voyages like tonight I like to get on the island and fight. After the first few islands I checked every tuck spot and nobody was on the ship so I told the other guys to start checking. Long story short someone made it on the ship while I was fighting skellies, tucked and managed to hide for about half an hour. I was on the Athena island helping kill skeletons for the new PL and looking for a keg to use on a nearby enemy ship that was aggressing when I saw our rowboat fall off with the Athena in it. I was low ammo already but I took a couple shots on him and we ended up sword fighting in the water and he either sworded me or I got sharked while healing but I died. Before I died I said “ggs brother enjoy the Athena” because I realized nobody on my crew except my friend who sword dashed off the back of the ship when I said something reacted to me saying “Hey guys someone just stole the Athena” and my friend wouldn’t be able to swim back to where I was in time because our ship was long gone. I wasn’t mad. We got outplayed, it’s the first Athena I’ve ever lost and I’ve stolen quite a few. I was sad that the new guy wouldn’t get to sell his first Athena but it wasn’t a big deal. However, one of my random teammates kept arguing with me because he didn’t understand that someone had stolen our Athena and when I explained everything he started cussing and getting angry. I told him to chill that it’s the name of the game (literally) and that it wasn’t that big of a deal. We looked for the guy for a bit but when we couldn’t find him we decided to just sell what we had. He hopped back on our ship (his ship scuttled as we pulled up to the island to sell) and said ggs and I talked to him for a minute about how long he was there. He explained it to me and we laughed and that was that. However my rando teammates were obviously trying to fight him and kill him and I had to tell them to stop because I wanted to ask how long he was there. Anyways, gg to the ninja that put me on the bad side of an Athena steal for the first time, hope to see you out on the seas soon!

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TL;DR: don’t get salty or toxic when someone steals your loot or sinks you, learn from it and get better. Accept that you got outplayed.


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