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maybe i should go near them to say hello

Content of the article: "maybe i should go near them to say hello"

so it was actually my first match , i went solo but open crew. some players joined me but then left because i was joking around. then this guy appeared he didnt say a word or didnt understand a word, but we came along together. we went so many quests collected lots of chests and treasures.

we stopped somewhere to do fishing because i just discovered these lots of cool stuff when you go in more tab , we had so many treasures that we had no space in that map area , and we were standing in middle of sea with open sail , waiting 1 hour to catch a fish. i finally figured out how to catch fish and it took 10 min jesus !! i gave it to him and he cooked it. im not sure but i think he was she , he or she liked to cook a lot and give cooked meal to me 😀

then we went to sell all stuff to outpost , dunno what happened but he or she got dc. then i went solo , i saw a ship in the outpost and i thought maybe i should go near them to say hello 😀

because i thought outposts are safe zone or sth, a place that pirates agreed not to attack each other. a place to find crew and party with other pirates and drink vodka.

i went near them , i went to their ship playing song. one of them came back from bar or sth and when he saw me , i said " hi my pirate buddy , whats up ?" in mic. then he came and stand near me for a sec then he went to my ship and came back to his ship , then his friend came and instantly shoot me in the head. then i was like " why ? why? i didnt do anything ? im friendly stop!!" then other one came after picking ammo and shoot me too. i died and when i came back i saw they are picking my loots , then they shoot me again but this time i fought back and killed one of them.

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then i rised anchor and sailed fast toward a random direction , they chased me. i could see their ship in map , i found an island and i rotate around it to avoid them , they chased me around that island for 5 min then they stopped in other side of island. and i stopped too , i was waiting if they moved any direction i move in opposite to avoid them. then after 2 min , they were shooting canons from the island and one of canons hit me and i fell into sea , when i got back on ship it was already sinking.

that was the time i realized , there is no friendly zone or any friend in this game. its sea of thieves god damn it.


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