Sea of Thieves

Me and my friend held a galleon crew hostage and took their fotd stack loot.

So we saw a grade 5 reaper galleon doing Fotd on our server and decided to go take a look. We were thinking about sinking them but we decided not to so we tucked on their ship. We hid on the balcony behind the captain's quarters. They had a rowboat. After they finished, they put the loot aboard, including the mega keg so at this point we had a pretty clear idea of what we were about to do. Detonate the keg, let the ship sink, put the loot on the rowboat, profit. But before we could do that they jumped off the ship and activated the fort again. AND AGAIN.

So we were tucking on a galleon that just did 3 fotds and had all the loot aboard but for some reason they only picked up one mega keg. They were getting ready to leave so we decided it's now or never. I ran across the ship, climbed up the crow's nest, ignited the mega keg and dropped it off the nest. But I fucked up. A guy was right there and managed to put the keg out before it went off. He screamed in the voice chat "WE HAVE A TUCKER IN THE NEST".

I was sure that I fucked up. My friend moved into the captain's quarters as he was getting ready to fight but I suddenly had an idea. I discussed it with him and then I told them: "Hey guys now you will stop and you will leave that keg alone. I will come down too and grab the keg. If you attack me or you don't put the keg down my friend at the captain's quarters will shoot it. If you attack him I will shoot it. (this one was a bluff because I could not see that keg from the nest) Okay?". They didn't answer. I was sure this wasn't going to work but apparently it did. They didn't hurt my friend and they didn't hurt me. I picked up the keg, moved to the corner of the ship and said "I see you are a level 5 reaper. We don't want to sink your ship, but trust me, we will. Unless you cooperate with us." after about 10 seconds of silence a guy angrily said "what do you want?". We were laughing our asses of. It was really working. So I said " We will be taking your Athena and Stronghold chests, your stronghold skulls and also your bone dust crates. You can keep the rest and your ship won't sink. It would be a shame if you lost that level 5 flag". To this the guy who put out the keg at the beginning said "come on man this is not cool." My fried didn't care much about it and said "Now I will put the loot on the rowboat. After I'm done I will take the boat and leave but my friend will stay here with the keg until I'm far enough. Is that clear?" No one answered. "Good." We said and my fried started to put their loot on the boat. They let him do it so he left with a boat full of treasure. After about 5 minutes my friend told to me that he was close to Plunder Outpost so I could leave. I thanked them for their help and left.

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I was thinking about detonating the keg anyways but in the end I decided not to as I imagined how humiliated they must have felt.


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