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My Experience with the Vault of the Ancients so far

Content of the article: "My Experience with the Vault of the Ancients so far"

Hello all! As many of you know by now, the Vault of the Ancients has just dropped, creating an exciting new voyage for the Gold Hoarders. After running a few of these missions with some friends, we found some stuff that may help out other players that are just starting them.


So in case you haven't seen it already, these voyages do take longer than other Gold Hoarder voyages (unless you get one of those 8 map quests, then maybe not). Using a golden "compass" similar to Jack Sparrow's, you have to sail to different islands solely through the use of the direction the needle is facing. Upon reaching those islands, you continue to use the compass, and a shovel, to find a map piece, and keep doing so until your map reveals the location of the vault key as an X (or you can collect the whole map, no judging). Sailing to that island and digging on the X gives you your key, which is more of a statue, and your voyage "completes." You now have a choice to A) bring the key back to the Gold Hoarders to sell, or B) read the inscription on the key to go to the vault. If you do choose path B, the island is pretty obvious, so run around until you find the location and set it down similar to the first Tall Tale. From there, a rock/ wall will open and reveal a stair case leading down to the vault door. It takes a bit of time to update, but soon enough the door will open and the challenge will begin. If you do not know already, the room is timed, and you only have a limited amount of time to get everything out. There are tons of chests on the upper platforms, as well as a few trinkets and piles of gold scattered everywhere. Along with this, there are amulets that you have to collect and solve the room puzzle, revealing the Chest of Ancient Tributes, a new treasure chest exclusive to this voyage. As the timer runs out, the door you entered will close, and shake for a few seconds at player height for the last of the stragglers. When the door does completely close, it is impossible to escape short of death, which the rising water will help with. From then on, you can bring you chests back to the nearest outpost to sell, or continue onto another voyage.

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Here are a few things my crew and I have done to get it done as efficiently as possible, as well as getting everything possible from each vault.

  • If you're going to do one of these, and this may be obvious, put up the Gold Hoarders emissary. You can almost get to rank 5 from just one run.
  • You don't need to collect each map piece. As long as you can see the X on the map and are able to tell which island it is, you can set sail.
  • It is possible to get more than one map piece on any island. My first ever run we found 4 pieces on Kraken's Fall, even getting two right next to each other.
  • There are, from my experience, two types of keys: A full gold one, and one that's like a mossier rock. The golden key will give a lot of Captain's and Marauder's chests, while the mossier rock key will really only give Seafarer's and Castaway's. It's probably better to sell the rock key, but my crew always went with it.
  • In the vault, a bigger crew is always better. What we did was have one person run up the platforms dropping chests down, while two people brought them just outside the door (the hidden entrance to the vault doesn't close). If you have a fourth like we did, they were on amulet gathering duty, collecting all of them to retrieve the Chest of Ancient Tributes. Once all the chests were down, every player was working on bringing them just out.
    • If you're a solo player, I'd recommend getting the higher value chests, then getting the amulets. Don't bother with the gold piles.
  • If you manage to collect every chest and still have time to spare, we went around collecting the gold piles. Normally, we didn't have time to collect them all, so one of us would bring in a bunch of cooked food and ate to overcome the drown damage. The gold piles only gave us about 2-3k extra gold in each room, so if you don't feel like doing the extra work, it's not really all that worth it (especially if you're solo).
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I, as well as the rest of my crew, found this voyage to be really fun! It's definitely different from the rest of the voyages you can get from the Gold Hoarders, and the fact that you can kinda choose whether you want to go with the key or not means less luck is involved. If you're anyone like me who finds strictly Marauder's Chests from the other voyages, this is such an improvement. From 2 runs we got roughly 100k gold (with Gold Emissary), and I went from rank 41 in Gold Hoarders to 45. Also, I probably got some stuff wrong here, so I'd welcome any and all changes.

We had a blast doing these voyages, so thank you Rare!

Here is a screenshot of 2 of these voyages.


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