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My First 5 days of Sea of Theives as a new player in 2021

I haven't had this much fun in a game in years. I figured I'd give a breakdown of my first few days playing. I've wanted sea of thieves for years ever since its origional E3 debut. I never had friends who played it until recently. Ive been watching streamers play the last month and finally took the jump after my friend bought it and we started our sail the same day, this last Friday.


Sped through the tutorial and jumped right into a sloop with my friend. Headed to an island and grabbed our first chest. While we're were figuring out how to set sail and where to go next, not paying attention to our surroundings, we were boarded by a Galion 4 stack.

They checked our hull and realized we were new and offered an alliance. They gave us a great tour and were very friendly we hopped on their Galion and sailed with them for a few hours ending the alliance with a maxed gold hoard flag vault run. The Galion was full of loot and was attacked by a reaper ship and sunk. The Galion crew left, but my friend and I spent the night trying to chase this reaper down in our sloop being sunk 3 more times, but learning a lot about combat. Ended with enough ranks and money to buy a emissary flag with the hoard.

I logged out knowing my adventure had just begun and that I was definitely hooked. Ended at about lvl 10 for Season 2.

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I purchased the game for another friend and us three planned on going in brigantine, but my friend from Friday couldn't play till later. We left in a sloop grinded gold hoard and order of souls. Stayed away from other ships and didn't see much combat. Earned enough and ranked up to buy the souls emissary flag.

Bought the game for my wife and after she finished the tutorial joined in with us. We sailed around in a brigantine without much action. But I learned I liked sailing the sloop a lot more. Ended about level 25 for Season 2.


I played open group in a Galleon and fought the Ashen Lord. The 4th person kept quiting and one person stayed on the ship, so two of us fought him and after a long fight finally got him down. Earned enough money to buy a third emissary flag with the merchant alliance.

My two friends and Wife got on and we sailed in a Galleon Together.. I found out pretty quick its hard to sale one alone. We sailed the seas grinding gold hoard. We were attacked by a reaper ship and sunk very quickly lol! My friends had a lot of learning to do and I learned to love the sloop even more, but ended the night at 38 for Season 2.


I switched from the Sniper to the Flintlock. Purchased the mercenary skin for it after a youtube recommendation and saw great improvement. I spent a lot of the night solo slooping. Grinded voyages and explored. Learned a lot from the wiki and tried to start recognizing the islands. I also learned to not anchor and started just raising my sails.

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Decided to risk it and go for the reaper chest on the map. Spent a heart pumping ten minutes trying to find the reaper hideout and dodging ships. Got to the island, climbed to the top, and realized I was at the Sea Dog Tavern… get back to the bottom and my ship had somehow sunk. In my excitement I think didn't put my sails all the way up and it drifted away. Left the chest at the dock and logged off. Rank 45 Season 2.


Joined another open group Galleon. Hunted skeleton ships and took out a bunch. Took a huge haul back to the reaper hideout, bought the emissary flag, and felt proud knowing the crew from Monday would be impressed.

My pickup group shot at a sloop and I convinced them to cease fire. Extending the courtesy the Monday group gave to me. Found out they were newer players trying to collect all the lantern colors and do Fort of the Dammed. We formed an alliance and helped them get the lightning and snake poison light. We fended off a kraken and headed to Fort of the Dammed.

We fought a very hard fight and after 30-40 minutes we finally took him down. Split up the chests. I asked to take the reaper chests we got and gave them the rest. Unknowingly one of my party members also snuck out with the Athena chest.

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After that got on a sloop with my Wife. We went and did a Tall Tale "the groudbreaker" which was much harder than we thought. My wife sunk her first skeleton ship and we defeated our first kraken! Having only escaped it the time before.

Ended the night at rank 57 for season 2.

… this game has in one week become my favorite game. I hope to play for a long time and learn more as I go. Making quite a few friends a long the way!


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