Sea of Thieves

My first day of playing Sea of Thieves!

After having bought and installed the game yesterday morning, I was finally able to play it in the evening, and boy, was I excited! Had seen some YouTube videos, and somehow it got me all riled up.

So I hoped unto the game. The Island for the maiden voyage was beautiful, I was amazed by the graphics and by the scenery. But other than that, there wasn't really much happening there. So after that, I got some voyages which I didn't really understand… "collect crates". What crates? Probably simple stuff, but I didn't know.

Anyway, I knew Sea of Thieves was supposed to be played with friends, so I hopped on to Discord Server to find some (mine don't really game a lot). Typed in lfc-adventure that I was new if anyone who was playing would take me on? No response. Hm, that sucked. At least no insulting responses. So I went for an open crew. Tried talking to them in proximity chat, but no response. How do I know they can even hear me if they don't respond? One of the guys was spamming nonsense in chat. The other guy was collecting everything of the island crates, so I did the same. Took a while before we got it all onto the ship… and then the spamming player decided to firebomb the ship and kill us. So yeeeeah, that really sucked. I was warned this could happen, but still, it's a bad feeling.

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Back on Discord, this one guy offered me help, but he was only on his phone and wouldn't be able to play this week. Still, that was such a good gesture, that I was motivated to continue playing!

So I just joined the lfc-any vc on Discord and after a while, someone entered, and we got on a sloop together. I told him I wasn't very experienced (and after a short while told him I had zero experience), but he was cool with it, said he wasn't a pro, and started giving instructions when needed (and they were needed).

And boy! We got sailing, found loot, found treasure, solved riddles, chatted a lot about politics, corona, culture, music! It was amazing! Such an incredible sense of adventure and companionship! I still had little idea what exactly I was doing half the time, but we fought against a horde of skeletons with their captains and won. In the end, we had even made 30k Gold, which is probably nothing, but I was so pleased!

But he didn't want to end it there, so he said a mate of his is coming on, let's go brigantine! So we did! Bigger ship, more fun. Aaand we fought skeleton ships and Kraken at the same time, beat the Kraken, survived the ships! That was so stressful and at the same time so much fun. We enjoyed ourselves and laughed together, I don't think we would have minded if we had sunk (and it was close). After that, we landed on some island, did a parkour obstacle course across lave and fire (which improved my platforming ability on this engine by 100), and found a fiery chest, which after handing in even unlocked some ashen skin for my ship (sure, that might be the most common skin, I don't know, but it was a great feeling for me as a new player, great reward).

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What a great experience! Shoutout to the lads who made my first day of playing the game rememberable. And I hope that you had such an awesome experience too and that this post brought back those sweet memories.


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