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My first FoTD steal!

Content of the article: "My first FoTD steal!"

Sorry to those who’ve seen a post like this a thousand times but I’m really excited to share since it’s my first time doing it.

So anyway me and my crew of 4 loaded into a session planing on getting our mate his last merchant level to get to PL. we looted the outpost got ready with the emissary and voyage and just as we were about to set sail we saw the fort spawn. We immediately started prepping as it would be our first ever steal for 2 of us (me and the friend who we were going to do MA with) we headed towards crooks hollow and found a rowboat on the way, anchored and fished to get some decent food.

Time passed and the fort had been finished, we then noticed the key was moving away from the island, it got one island up north and we set sail. For context the people doing the fort was a duo sloop and the people who stole the key was a 3 man brig. Once we got to where they were we noticed one had jumped off their boat onto an island with the key. My our best played jumped off and fought him but it turns out he gave it back to his crew mate and was now on their boat again. I sword lunged off our boat to attempted to bored the brig, I got on anchored and somehow proceeded to hold them off for long enough for our other 2 crew mates to bring the galleon around and start lighting them up, we sunk them and were now loaded with resources and the key, we got several storage crates all loaded and an ammo crate.

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At this point the sloop had backed off for what we presumed was a resupply as they had been fighting the brig.

We reached the fort and me and another crew member jumped off and started looting, my friend knew a good hiding spot for the chest of legends so it would be safe while we secured the loot. I blew up all the kegs on the island to prevent them from being used against us. We just about got all the loot into harpoon range when the sloop from earlier showed up.

One of them boreded us but the 2 crew mates on the ship made easy work of him, me and other guy attempted and succeeded in boreding them. We killed he other guy and anchored, unable to get the galleon turned around to cannon them in time we done the next best thing that came to mind and proceeded to have their ship mount the island where it would sink with the help of a keg we found that had not been blown up.

We quickly hatched a plan to sell the loot we loaded the reapers chest and bounty onto a rowboat and had one of our guys sail to reapers hideout as a diversion with an added chance of bonus cash from the chests.

We knew whereabouts the two ships where and surprisingly it seemed to work, whilst three of us were sailing with all the loot towards plunder our other crewmate reported the two ships B-lining towards reapers after him.

He died after only being able to sell the bounty and we finished up selling.

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We celebrated with some grog and music and proceeded to get sunk attempting to do an alliance event lol.

Sorry if this ain’t as good and elaborate as other steals but being someone who’s comfort zone isn’t really in PVP I was super proud of this.


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