Sea of Thieves

My first solo sloop PvP victory was ridiculous yet satisfying.

I'm a noob that likes to solo sloop and I had my first encounter last night in which I didn't get dumpstered. I was minding my own business when I saw a full crewed sloop taking a fancy to me. They wildly missed their first cannon shots and, recognizing a foe of similar strength, I decided to bite. What proceeded was perhaps the lamest battle to ever take place on the seas. It was 2% of trading cannon shots and 98% of desperate attempts to turn the ships towards each other. I was low on cannonballs and needed to act fast.

They sent a boarder over and as I was defending my deck, the second crewmember attempted to lock me in by harpooning my ship. I intercepted the harpoon with my own body completely on purpose. This teleported me directly to their ship, which was totally intentional. I then proceeded to furiously left click at the second crew member who was pretty surprised by my agility and by my sudden appearance directly next to him. Now standing on a crewless enemy ship, I found myself at a loss of what to do with this opportunity. Luckily, I remembered I needed cannonballs so I looted what was left of their munitions and got back to my ship.

As it turned out, this move would be their undoing. Realizing they had no cannonballs, they set course for the nearest island to restock. Once there, they made a fatal mistake: dropping anchor. I pulled up to that sloop and unleashed a rain of hellfire you wouldn't believe. One of the pirates stood still on the deck and was struck directly with a cannonball, killing him instantly. I think he was frozen in awe of my fury. In a poetic way, the cannonballs that once defended this enemy sloop returned to see its demise.

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A few minutes later, the second crew member appeared on my deck while I was sailing somewhere else. We had a sad cutlass fight in which I prevailed as I had already warmed up my right index finger during the mid-battle. Neither I nor their sloop had any loot. After last night, my confidence is restored that I may one day be able to PvP adequately in this game.


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