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My new player experience and suggestions

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I've probably got about 20-30 hours at this point and I feel like I've got a pretty broad playing experience for a new player because I've spent a fair bit of time solo slooping, playing with a crew of complete noob friends, and playing with way more experienced friends. I have not tried open crews yet, so no idea there. And if anyone knows any good learning resources, please comment below.

The PvE side of the game is pretty top-notch. Learning more and more about sailing properly is a real treat, one that I didn't expect to love. The riddles are fun (though occasionally the mechanics triggering it are a bit janky). Skeleton opponents could probably stand to be a bit more advanced, but I haven't actually done a Fort yet, so maybe I'm under-estimating how deadly ground based PvE may get later. Fighting my first megladon and skeleton galleon back to back was an incredibly enjoyable experience, as they were both of my first major fights and they hit my skill curve perfectly. Challenging, but not impossible, and victory was sweet. Sailing long distances in open water does have a lot of downtime. Part of that is that I'm probably not using it efficiently to prepare for future encounters.

PvP has some pretty good moments, but more importantly some *extreme* lows. And I feel like those lows are really the biggest thing by far that will drive new players off. Battles against players a little below, roughly around, or roughly above my skill level are really fun win or lose, as long as I'm not solo.

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However, as a new player, it's fairly common to run into people who are so much more skilled than you that they may as well be using god mode. For every cannon shot you hit, they hit 5 because they rarely miss. Same thing for weapon shots, only it's even worse because they understand food mechanics way better than you do, so they're basically damn near immortal as far as you're concerned. Then they camp you for awhile and may or may not shit talk you the entire time. I know now there's a scuttling option in-game (though I don't know where yet), and I really feel like scuttling and changing servers is such a major mechanic to avoid griefers that it's super important to add to the tutorial. It's pretty awful to spend an hour doing your own thing (you're slow cause you're new), and then some guys with 10-20x your experience comes rolling up, steamroll your crew because they can 1v3 you AND they outnumber you. You've got zero chance of defending yourself and you might as well have not played at all for the past hour. Awful experience. Maybe there needs to be matchmaking based on player experience? But then that would allow experienced players to just delete their pirate and dominate noob servers. Dunno.

Solo slooping is also a problem. Honestly, I feel like it shouldn't even allow you to solo sloop until you're lvl 20-30 or so with a bunch of factions. The difficulty increase is quite large, and as a new player the expectation isn't that you're at a huge disadvantage. Give a sandbox mode solely to practice sailing maybe, but I really feel like solo slooping should be locked for new players. Or preferably, solo slooping is buffed somehow to make things more even.

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I'm new, so obviously I might be talking out of my ass, but I thought I'd share my perspective so far.


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