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My thesis on “sword no skill” and double gunners.

So, to preface this with some cringe, I want to establish that I've been playing this game for a long time (since release), and I've picked up a lot of skill and experience along the way. I remember the good ol days when stow/unstow broke the sword, and I've been carefully following meta/practicing pvp since then to try and mantain the dominant feeling stow/unstow brought.

Needless to say, I've always been a big fan of the sword. Between the mobility it offers with sword hops/lunges, and the good feeling you get from landing a hit, it's a lot of fun. For this reason, it's important to note that I've never been a double gunner, nor do I claim any experience wielding 2 guns.

Now to the modern day: it feels like just about any time I kill someone with a sword, whether it be in Arena or Adventure, the double gunning corpse gasps out "sword no skill" in voice or type chat. This isn't the end of the world or anything, in fact it's kinda fun to see people get Big Mad while killing them, but I think it highlights an important lack of perspective from a lot of newer double gunners.

From my understanding of double gunning, having had the chance to talk with/face off against some double gunners who are consistently able to beat me, the actual aim element is only half (if that) of the technique. The other half is maintaining a distance from sword players.

When double gunners complain about being killed by the sword, the takeaway now for me is that they *think* they're in the top bracket of double gunners, hence the only reason someone of their incredible skill level could ever be beaten is a "no skill" "op" weapon like the sword. Their complaints about being killed by sword users assume that the double gunner themselves is actually good at the game, when this often seems to not be the case. There are double gunners that can easily take on skilled sword users, they're just not there yet.

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Double gunning offers the very, very powerful benefit of being able to (obviously) fire twice, possible making for a quick kill assuming you land your shots. The tradeoff for this massive offensive edge is that you lose most of your defensive tools, not being able to use the sword block when going up against other swords most notably. For this reason, double gunners must make up for that loss with slippery movement and dodging, not just good aim. I don't think a lot of people understand that, and this frustrates me because I have to deal with the "no skill" comments, but also their misunderstanding stifles their growth as duelists.

As a last note on the sword, the same comments about movement apply to sword users as well. As a very experienced sword user (who enjoys going up against other sword users), knowing how to dodge/when to use different movement tools like sword lunges or sword hopping through enemy players is paramount, and the impact that skill in this department cannot be understated. An experienced sword user will almost never go down to an inexperienced one, this simply doesn't happen (not to flex, but speaking from experience).

TL;DR: Sword isn't overpowered, double gunners (and other sword users) need to improve their dodging skills, not just aim. Double gunners sacrifice the sword block for offense, and it's on them to make up for that.

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Edit: Double gunning definitely has a higher skill ceiling than sword, and aiming a gun is harder than aiming a sword (lol), I'm merely attacking the ludicrous idea that "sword no skill."

Edit2: Newer players using sword are better than newer players using guns (though they aren't remotely as dangerous as people make them out to be). This is obviously true, the skill floor for swords is higher, but this doesn't speak to the height of the ceiling.


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