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My Worst and Best Rowboat Adventure

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Some time ago, I was streaming Sea of Thieves with some friends, the three of us on a brig. I, like many pirates, have a propensity for doing dumb shit just for the fun of it. We were sailing along, doing some voyages, when a reaper's chest spawned in the distance. No one on my crew really wanted to get it, and I was fine with not getting it either, but I had an idea. We'd minimally discussed it previously, just because we thought it would be funny. I told my crew I'd mermaid back if they needed any help, and I set sail on my rowboat towards the reaper's chest.

It was a long journey, but eventually, I reached the shipwreck and loaded the reaper's chest onto my rowboat. I asked the captain to give me the direction to Reaper's Hideout and I headed off. After travelling for a while, I was about an island away from Reaper's when I saw something: a galleon, after my reaper's chest. At that point, the other crewmate who had joined me on my mission hopped off to go back to our brig. It was just me and the galleon. I kept going, paddling desperately against the rocky waters as the galleon continued to bear down on me, occasionally firing cannonball shots my way but missing every time.

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Then, my friends arrived. My two crewmates in our brig began to run distraction for me against the galleon, but they were still after the reaper's chest and they knew I had it on board. My brig kept firing on the galleon, who returned fire but still chased me. After some clever faints, I managed to get to the shore. As quickly as I could, I grabbed the reaper's chest ran in, and sold it. The galleon crew was enraged; they had been outplayed, and now they were dead set on sinking us.

But I had a trick up my sleeve: there was a gunpowder barrel on my rowboat. I grabbed it, hopped off, and swam towards the galleon. I boarded, blew up the gunpowder barrel, and tossed down some firebombs before perishing in the flames. The good news? I killed all four of the crewmates on the ship, giving my crew an opportunity to rain cannonfire down upon their ship. The incredible had happened. We had sunk them. One of their crew had been leftover, having respawned but not died during the sinking. They boarded our ship, killing both my crewmates, but a point blank shot from my blunderbuss was enough to dispatch him.

What was our reward for sinking this well-equipped galleon, you might ask? A measly seafarer's chest. But the monetary gain meant nothing to us. It was about the glory. And despite everything, we were able to recover my trusty rowboat, which had accumulated a mass of treasure through my reaper's chest journey. We travelled to a further outpost to avoid the galleon coming back for revenge, and sold what we had gained. But it was nothing compared to the experience we gained in our grand adventure.

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