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Need 25 more shark teeth, gotta love the kiddos!

Content of the article: "Need 25 more shark teeth, gotta love the kiddos!"

Sailing w my wife, and 2 daughters ages 11 and 13. Only doing the Shrouded Ghost Tall Tale then logging off bc it's a skewl night and they need to get in bed. 13yr old has been asking me for a week to do this TT but my wife and I don't always have time to play and when we do, we have some of our own things to do (heart of fire, megs, etc)

We run the TT but a Reaper's Bounty Chest is on the map. Ugh. Ok. We'll make a run for it, but after that it's bed time.

I picked up 3 fish out of barrels somewhere along the way. As we are sailing to Reapers Hideout, chest in tow, I jump off at NorthStar Seapost and have my wife take the helm. She continues sailing and I'll catch a mermaid, routine procedure. Then this happens…

Wife-babe, I think…yeah, it's a meg!

Me-Ok, drop the anchor…

Wife-girls drop the anchor!

Girl 1-which one is it?

Girl 2-I don't know I don't see it yet, oh there it is

Girl 1-what color is it?

Girl 2-I think it's the purple one


Girl 1-no, that's black

Girl 2-no that's definitely purple

Girl 1-I don't think that's purple

Girl 2-it might be blue


Girl 1-it's definitely not blue

Girl 2-it's still pretty though

DROP THE ANCHOR!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

They managed to drop the anchor, right before smashing into a large cluster of rocks…and the meg…gone….

Disappointment Quickly followed by a proud moment

A sloop tried thwarting our efforts to turn in the bounty chest, tried racing us to reapers hideout, we were logging off so decided to crash the ship into the island as I gave the girls a 4-second HERE'S WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN speech…before we reach the island I here a single cannon shot, "they just shot themselves over, mom you take the lead, girls follow us, they are going to try to steal our chest, full health, food in your pockets, swords out, everyone stays together, GO!"

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I see the gamer tag as I enter the tent so I hesitate as I had gotten in front of my wife, she runs forward, sword play ensues at the turn-in point, I come from the other side and make the turn-in while my wife gets killed, then I see both girls sword-swinging away as they kill the would-be thief, revive mom, and alas, VICTORY!

……now go to bed lol


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