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New Enemy Suggestion. New Raid. New Treasure. New Ship.

Content of the article: "New Enemy Suggestion. New Raid. New Treasure. New Ship."

Been thinking about this a lot lately and I believe it would actually be one of the best things to happen in the game!

So, we have been fighting skeletons…and skeletons…and…skeletons…

I have been thinking, what if a new enemy was in the game in the form of a navy, a military. Tasked with patrolling the open seas 24/7. They are constantly just sailing and if they see one of our ships (in a certain range obviously) they would pursue and attack; along with the chance of us initiating the battle in hopes to take some treasure! Treasure such as, new chests, golden and silver artifacts with a lot more value than the small trinkets that we've been selling for 50-200 gold per item.

Now, with these new NPCs sailing their ships all over the map, they would need some where to dock. This would introduce a new island(s) and possibly a new event worldwide only available from defeating a Navy ship out in the open seas and retrieving a sort of letter/set of orders that tells you a certain island to go to, to initiate the raid (optional…obviously). Only a single one of these events can happen at one time, maybe even intertwining with the Skull Forts or Skull Fleet.

The only way to retrieve these 'letters' or 'orders' would be to actually board the Navy ship and go into the captains quarters and steal them from the desk with possibly the captain inside to defeat.

Not every ship has the 'letters'/'orders', it would be a 1 out of whatever chance, as long as there is not already one going on.

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Now, once you retrieve the 'letters' or 'orders' you and your crew infiltrate the island the letters/orders have stated. Upon reaching the island, the raid begins. I believe stone fortresses would be the best ideal look for the islands as they do serve the purpose of being a docking point for the Navy ships. Sailing to the island, you dodge cannon fire from the fortress walls. You may either destroy them or get out of the line of sight of them in order to begin the first phase of the raid.

First phase is a ground raid. Slicing through soldiers, blowing up doors and entering the forts, stealing any treasure/special resources you can find. After the ground phase is complete and you complete the task that has presented itself, you and your crew would hop back on the boat and escape. However, not all soldiers on the island were killed in the raid, they instead hop in their Navy ships and chase after you and your crew where you could either outrun them, or fight back for a chance at even more loot/resources. Once that is complete, music stops, all is calm, you carry on and sell your loot.

Now, with the introduction of a Navy/military, I feel as if it would be the best time to introduce a new class of ship. Obviously this has been something that we have all so very desperately wanted. And we did get it with the addition of the Brig, which is my favorite type of ship but I believe the long asked for Ship of the Line, or maybe even a frigate for extra firepower and front facing cannons would be amazing but this is talk for another time. Not to mention its been what? 2 years since the Brig came out?

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I absolutely love the idea of something like this happening. If you want to have a naval battle with someone other than skeleton ships appearing once in a blue moon or even those annoying ass kids trying hard to a point where they follow you from the map's edge and back ten times over; then this would be ideal as there is usually always a Navy ship out and about, patrolling the waters.

I hope one of the Devs see this and envisions the same thing I am envisioning as I feel like people would absolutely love it. Not to mention, giving players new commendations to chase for, cosmetics, etc you know the rest xD. Thank you all for your time and if you have any other suggestions that you feel for fit this idea, for better or worse, please do converse in the comments.



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