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New Faction Idea: Pendragons Knights (Reaper Hunters)

Content of the article: "New Faction Idea: Pendragons Knights (Reaper Hunters)"

Sat down to play today and realized I have been growing very fond on logging on and checking the map for reapers.

Not to run away from them, but to CHARGE RIGHT AT THEM! I am not in any way knocking people who fly Reaper flags, nor am I saying I am toxic to them or anything. If you are flying a Reaper flag, you are telling the whole server you are down for a fight. I have made it more of a personal crusade to bring down reapers, it adds some excitement to the game for me after hitting PL.

Many players will probably agree that PvP is a large and needed part of the game (I'm not gonna have the PvE server discussion here). However, it seems like we have one faction that is all about killing and taking, with no counter balance. Why is there not another rival faction that rises up to PROTECT AND SAVE.

That's where Pendragons Knights come in. A faction that is solely based around hunting the hunters and protecting ships who may be running for their lives. You could opt in to be a "good guy" on the seas.

I only really did a quick brainstorming session but this is what I have so far:

  • Knights would be visible to all ships on the map, just like reapers. This would create an interesting dynamic of PvP factions that will ebb and flow based on the sever you find yourself in. Being chased by a reaper and know you will never make it to the outpost in time? Change direction to the Knight on the map instead and let him or her be your beacon of hope. Knights love slaying reapers who bully other ships.

  • Knights will work on a similar system of collecting emissary flags, but in a different way. Any original emissary flag or loot that has touched a non-reaper ship will receive a significant REDUCTION in value for the Knights. You are not there to betray their trust and steal their stuff. Pendragon will simply not stand for it.

  • Any loot that has been on a reaper ship, emissary flags from ships sunk by the reapers, and the reaper emissary flag itself will receive a MULTIPLIER like any other emissary. You turn in the flags of non-reapers that have been stolen to Pendragon so their "spirits can be at peace and their voyage has been honored."

  • I wanted Knights to also have some sort of bonus or reason to join alliances to protect other ships, but quickly realized this would become the most exploitable part of the faction (in some way, people always find a way) so I will have to circle back to this one.

  • I also realize that Pendragons real nemesis in the lore is Flameheart, and not the reapers themselves per se. He just really fit the theme that I was going for. Maybe some of the PvE (Flameheart event / Bonus to any "Damned" loot / Anything ghost ship related ) could be worked into the faction as well to better fit the lore and give Knights something else to do if their are no reapers on the map at the time.

Again, this is an idea that formed from my own love of hunting reapers, but maybe it has some merit?

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Would you join me in becoming a Knight and helping to make the seas a safer place?


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