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New player: Skin Rant! For a game based on skins the skin game is lacking

Content of the article: "New player: Skin Rant! For a game based on skins the skin game is lacking"

Just started playing the game a month ago and so far I love it. I could see myself playing for a while longer, but my one gripe and question is: where are the Skins?? For a game that is driven completely by skins, why are there so few? Hasn’t this game been out for a while? It seems like most of the skins are just recolorings of other skins. I understand that there are a lot of time limited skins that have gone away by now, but its kind of disappointing to just throw away all those nice skins… especially since the ones that stayed are complete shit. All the skins I would have liked are gone, and as a new player obviously I can’t get those skins, and thats fine, but shouldn’t there be like wayyyy more skins rn? Make more skins damnit! There are just dozens of sick cosmetics that I can never get, which I wouldn’t be miffed by normally, but the skins that are available right now just don’t get me going, and thats sad. There are also not very many, and it feels wrong to have so many cool skins gone and nothing in the game currently that stacks up to them. I know Rare is capable of making sweet skins (Since so many of the older skins were pretty cool) so why is there nothing in game to show for it? New players are gonna get into the game and be less impressed than they could’ve been for a silly reasons that could be avoided. If there were new exclusive skins I would be like “Screw the old skins, i’ll just get these new exclusive skins, then I’ll be cool!” And I would be happy af. But It seems like exclusive skins are a thing of the past now, which is disappointing because having a limited skin would be sick and drive me to play this rat game, but now it seems like the Pirate Emporium is how they will make skins feel exclusive. But I’m not gonna get invigorated by buying a sick skin with real money. I’ll just feel like an rich asshole with too much money. I want to feel like a fly chad who sets sail on the meme boat he/she earned with time and effort.

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Nothing wrong with paid skins, but the core game needs some skin love first. I guess I just started playing at the wrong time, the era of the emporium skins. not really something you want your new players thinking to themselves. They should be thinking the opposite. You can keep the old players happy by doing nothing (they get to keep the exclusivity of their skins) and you can keep the new players happy by upping the skin game, and maybe bring back that feel of exclusivity again. If it was there before, it feels wrong to just take it away. Now the old players are the only ones with exclusive skins, and no matter how long I play, they may never bring them back and i’ll never feel exclusive in my own right. Whats the point of playing then? I’ll never feel as fly as the old players.

I genuinely want to full send on the game and waste hundreds of hours on the pirate life for nothing but skins, I love skins! I feel like I was made for this game, But I would really enjoy if they brought that feeling of exclusivity back for some skins, no need to bring back old skins, but some new ones would be sweet. Obviously they will make more skins. I just wish I didn’t have to buy them with real money, I wish there were wayy more available in game, and I wish that some felt more special. Cool skins don’t have to be a thing of the past.

Kinda a silly rant, but the game is about skins after-all. But to sum it up:

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TLDR: really hope they find a way to bring back the feeling of exclusivity that keeps both new and old players happy. A simple solution would be, like, a lot more skins. The skins available right now are booty, and the old skins are the only cool ones. Just make more skins, so when you make them unavailable or harder to get, no one cares because there are new skins that are equally as exclusive and hard to get. Also more core skins would be nice. Skins keep the SoT juices running! They need some love ❤️


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