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No Ordinary Sloop (Based on a true story)

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So tonight solo slooping, a gally spotted my beautiful sloop on the horizon, rocking its reapers emissary flag and decided, 'Hey, let's go sink that sloop' and it was at this moment they f**ked up for this was no ordinary sloop, this sloop was being sailed by the biggest troll in Sea of Thieves.

They sailed close to the sloop enough to almost taste the sweet, sweet tears of the solo slooper, when the sloop dropped its sails and shouted 'I'm faster against the wind' and indeed he was, the sloop turned into the wind and off it went, however, this was no ordinary sloop.

We began the chase, but it was out of range, it was going to get away when suddenly it raised its sails, but why? Surely it wanted to get away but no for this was no ordinary sloop. It waited until we got close again, just a little more and it would be in cannon range but suddenly it dropped it sails once more shouting 'come on don't lose me now.' He was mocking us, he wanted us to chase him, so we did, time after time he almost got away when he would raise his sails to wait for us to catch up, mock us and drop the sails once more. Once during a chase, he even abandoned ship while at full sails, boarded us and dropped firebomb after firebomb upon our deck. We chased him for 2 hours to no avail. All hope was lost we were never going to catch him, the captain ordered us to abandon the chase. But this was no ordinary sloop.

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We spotted a skeleton sloop, this was a much easier target it was quickly sunk but then we looked behind us. He was back he had turned his ship around and begun to chase us, we were in cannon range, he released a barrage of three cannon shots, directly impacting our hull with each. This was no ordinary sloop but he was not going to get away this time, we returned fire but missed and he proceeded to sail away mocking us 'The gally will learn to fear the sloop?' and off he went sailing into the wind, we gave chase but he was too fast. Captain ordered us to ignore the sloop.

We sailed away but once again the sloop had begun to chase, the captain ordered two of us to wait in the water ready to board the sloop but this was no ordinary sloop, he was smart he avoided us, we managed to throw one firebomb abord before he got away and now our ship was two men down, we waited for our mermaid to spawn and when we go back aboard our ship he was once again pelting our hull with cannon fire. Five balls, five direct impacts but he had made a mistake, he had waited too long before turning into the wind. He was in cannon range, we released a barrage of cannon fire, 3 made direct contact but once again he had evaded any further damage and was sailing against the wind.

Captain ordered us to ignore him, despite the mocking he was throwing our way. 'come on, a four-man Gally can't kill a little solo slooper' but we ignored him, he had wasted enough of our time. once again he chased us but this time when he got close he didn't turn away 'You're going to let me log out laughing at you?' 3 men boarded his ship and began to throw firebombs but he was nowhere to be seen. He was not on his boat but he had not boarded ours. Where was he? He was gone he had set his ship on a collision course with ours, mocked use one last time and left.

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Next time we sail and see a sloop upon the horizon we will remember maybe that's no ordinary sloop.

This was No Ordinary Sloop by AshTheDino. Based on real events.

Thanks for reading.


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