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Option to upgrade your ship size at an Outpost

We returned to Sea of Thieves at the start of lockdown, and have a 4 person group that plays together for the most part, but sometimes only 2 of us are online, so we pick up a Sloop and sail out on adventure.

The problem

Player 3 jumps into our Discord and tells us they can't join but see's us online. We have an Athena's Voyage partially completed down on the table and know that we are looking at at least 30 minutes before they can join us, and in doing so, we have to logout, create a Brigandine group, and then all log back in to an empty ship, losing all our cursed cannonballs, ghostly ammunitions and our hours of fished up dinners. Then, as we set sail with another voyage, Player 4 pops onto Discord and wants to join too. Same problem, have to completely restart to build a Galleon.

The solution

Allow a group to vote on a ship upgrade while docked at an outpost OR allow players to join a group as a player in waiting, and only then give the option of the ship being upgraded. Heck, make it cost 50 planks or something, but please give us the option to invite more of our friends into our game while we are playing.

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Shipwright needs everyone present to vote on the upgrade. The conversation option will only be available if there is someone in your group who is above the current ship size limitation, up to 4 people total. No one can be standing on the ship to be upgraded. Add a server message so players who might be hunting you will be informed that a ship has been upgraded (this isn't needed but a nice quality of life option). Ship upgrade will only complete when all players are inside the outpost Inn, sharing a Grog at a table as a group. Clinking the Grog mugs actions the upgrade and allows the ship to transform into the bigger sized ship, and pulls the players in waiting into the game to join your table. Your materials and even your battle scarred ship damage move up with the ship upgrade, and your in progress quests transfer too, along with any flag you had flying.

Player experience

  • 2 players in Sloop
  • Friends join group and are placed in waiting area
  • Ingame players visit Shipwright with ship docked up
  • Shipwright offers new dialog offering appropriate size upgrade to Brig or Galleon
  • Players ingame vote on upgrade
  • Players in waiting area are informed the upgrade is processing
  • Players ingame go to Inn and sit at the table with 4 seats around it
  • Players ingame clink their grog mugs, transforming the ship into the larger size and pulling the players from the waiting area to the table seats
  • Players out of game spawn into game at the table
    • All players can now board new ship and play together
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I find it weird that after having played this game for so long, a feature as obvious as this one is still missing, similar to the name plate for your ship thing being ingame but not useable.


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