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Possible Game Mechanic thoughts

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Game Mechanic Wishes…

I think it would be cool for the game to introduce a "Crew Island". This island would be outside the shroud or below the map, similar to Tutorial Island or Athena's Fortune (PL Hideout). There would be entry points at multiple locations on the edges of the map. You would buy a quest from duke*. The quest would be low cost. Once voted the location of where to enter would be revealed to you and all other players on the server. You would sail there and enter a "safe area" where only you and your current crew can be. Here you would be able to swap ship classes instantly and store a limited amount of supplies that you have to bring from the Sea of Thieves (No supply spawn on crew islands). No chest or loot can be brought into the crew island**. There would be no factions or shops on this island, (Just a shipwright where you can customize/change ship class***). The goal is to have a place that would give players the ability to switch ships without leaving the server****. When it is time to leave the crew island, you will be met with a loading screen and be placed on an island that is away from other player ships and global events, similar to when you sink and don't get a back spawn. The crew island would be unlocked at max level for 3 factions (Not 50 like PL, higher) and cost gold to purchase your crew/crew island. Crew size could be infinite however, max player count of 4 per server.

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It would make sense to me if you had a crew island, you could customize your crew. Make a custom flag, custom crew island theme, all of which would cost gold. It would be a clan type mechanic.

* – either a quest to get an entry point or have the entry points always be visible to all.

** – If you try to enter with loot on your vessel, all the loot would drop into the water near the entry point. It would float as normal like when you kill a Meg or a Skelly.

*** – Possibly a "Hall of Fame" for each crew member, would show all the commendations / achievements/life time gold etc, that they have.

**** – With that in mind, if you are a duo sloop and want to add your two other buddies you can go to the crew island. They can join your session once at the crew island (No matter ship class at the time but must change in order to renter server). If the current server you are in can not support a full galleon you will be notified when you leave that you'll be switching servers and you will be place at an outpost like normal on a new server that can accommodate crew size. But if the server can support the change then you would return to the "duo sloop" server at an island away from people and global events.

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Let me know what you guys think! Input welcomed. If you like this idea and the more traction this gets Rare just might include this idea!

Also add the ability to name your ship when at the shipwrights chests (on all outposts). It would cost gold (49,000 gold) each time you name a ship. This would include when the named ship is sunk you would have to pay again to name the fresh spawned ship.


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