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“Rare Dev” Threatens Lawsuit over FOTD Steal

Content of the article: "“Rare Dev” Threatens Lawsuit over FOTD Steal"

DISCLAIMER: This post is for the LULS, because we all know none of it is actually serious and my crew had a hard time breathing through the laughter.

Imagine being sunk at Fort of the Damned, only to flame over PMs, threaten a lawsuit, threaten to dox, and then impersonate a Rare Developer / Microsoft employee**.** This title is not a joke or an exaggeration. This person had "Rare Dev Team" in their title on their Xbox profile (it's since then be removed). Their Xbox name will not be included in this post.

"I'm filing a lawsuit, kid. You just lost $100,000."

Now for the context. Last night, I hopped onto SoT to find some action for me and my mates from Australia, and we were lucky enough to find an active Fort of the Damned. Taking a look at the map, we saw four Reapers Bounties shown at the fort, so we safely and correctly assumed it was being stacked.

My crew has started FOTD before in effort to get some PvP action in game, but rarely have we intervened with an ongoing one. So, this was our chance for some fun sneaks and a steal.

The galleon crew had four mega kegs from their first stack in their captains quarters, so I grabbed each one and placed them in the back, front, and middle of their bottom deck. While placing the very last one, one of the other crew caught me in the act, so I went for a sacrifice play and detonated the kegs. Everything goes off (keg pun) just fine, and they sank in about 14 seconds. Our ship was parked close by with a teammate still on it, so we brought the ship over, grabbed the first stack loot, finished the boss off a few more hits and grabbed all the loot in the vault.

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While we're grabbing the first stack of fort loot, I get an Xbox party invite from the other player who caught me planting the kegs, and so does my crewmate. We both assume it's only to talk smack, so we ignore it, and then we both get Xbox messages. We received messages from the same guy – threatening to sue us for "online terrorism and 2nd degree murder." From his claims, and this is verbatim: "For giving my buddy a stroke. He has PTSD, and it was caused by your stressful encounter, virtual or not, you're still responsible." He continued to say that he would "file a report with the authorities", stated I was not covered under EULA clauses regarding medical disclaimers, threatened to dox my friend, and then stated he was "covered under 1st Amendment." After letting him know I would file a report with SoT support, he said "Rare just emailed me saying I was doxxed by another player, and investigations will be conducted" (I thought he was part of the dev team?), followed by **"*****Guys I think we're all in trouble. Two feds just pulled up out front too. L8r"***.

From the messages he sent my crewmate (who wasn't even at FOTD during the sinking), he said many things, including: "Kinda odd that you never know if you trolled a serial killer with access to a photo of your face until they read about it in the Northampton news…." as well as "Plus, I have a picture of your face, you don't even know you who just pissed off."

The whole conversation was a joke so at one point I just said "You don't even know my real name. I'm the fcking lizard king." I'll note that *nobody else* from this galleon crew messaged me or my teammates, so GG and major props to them for not flaming. It's a game, gentlemen. You can be angry or salty if you want…. but don't do this. Arrrr, 'twas a good steal, matey.

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