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Rare lets you add two features to a future update; which of these do you pick?

So I've been having a lot of fun curating some of my favorite suggestions for future updates and thought it'd be cool to ask you guys what you thought…but with a twist.

All you have to do is choose the two features from the list that you think would be the funnest to have implemented into the game. If you have an idea I didn't list or you have critiques, you can include them as well!

SO. Which two would you pick?

  1. Whirlpool: Giant whirlpool spawns randomly on the map; escape by controlling the wheel and sails; if you don't, your ship suffers massive damage and gets teleported to a random location in the map.
  2. Marooned NPC: You can rescue an NPC who was stranded after running from his captors. He becomes part of your crew and can play music or even help with raising anchors/turning sails. Taking him to his home island gets you a reward. If enemy crews steal him, they can put him in the brig and deliverer him to his captors or they can make him a crew member but run the risk of him mutinying!
  3. Social hub: Instanced island on the map where players can interact, invite others to join their crew, and compete in minigames such as liar's dice, sword duels, and ship races/timed trials for small amounts of gold.
  4. Walk the plank: If a boarder dies on your ship, put him on the plank; either he chooses to jump or you push him off. Either way, he sinks and drowns. You can also vote crew mates unto the plank.
  5. Reaper's Bounty: Sinking ships as a reaper increases the bounty other crews can collect if they sink you. Crews killed by a reaper can also pay gold to add to the bounty. Survive the bounty as a reaper to receive the gold.
  6. Boarding Harpoon: Adds a harpoon on the crows nest that can be used to board other ships!
  7. Music and Messages: Add a music box to your ship that plays shanties you’ve collected by beating quests, unlocking achievements, purchasing them with gold, etc. Also adds the ability to send messenger birds to allow communication between distant ships.
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Click below if you want to read more about each feature and how I believe they could realistically be implemented:

Detailed description of features


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