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Region 5 proposal (kinda long)

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Forest and marsh

As many of you know and have decided to settle on as an answer, such as I have, the ice biome is a bit far out if reach seeing that there's no space but right next to volcanos in a very tropical region of earth. So I present to you, dense forest/marshlands.

Main features ~ Massive islands, but not any bigger than shores of gold that's for sure, but bihg enough to be able to wonder around and suddenly find another crew you were unaware of that they were at the island.

~Darker nighttime and stragegical advantages- finally! A use for lanterns that isn't just for cinematic use or damn riddles. I've always wanted it to be darker on islands so I actually need to use my lantern to see around. Due to natural overhang of trees and vines the moonlight is blocked out by 70% making it nearly impossible to traverse without lanterns. This would also provide opportunities to hide / sneak up on crews as the wet soil softens the steps of the player. Playing smart in here at night is a major advantage.

~ Cinimatic usage and scaling up sides of massive trees – a location as such with lanterns could provide casual player and content creator alike opportunities to have some seriously impressive shots, plus, linking with the previous "strategical advantages", climbing trees for different shots, both with the camera and sniper ;). Something I've always wanted in this game is light mist rain not its storm or nothin' rain. The storm might not travel this far of the map but its kinda cloudy and rains gently, making gentle droplets on leaves and has potential to be very soothing to listen too, assuming your crew isn't screeching at eachother the whole time, it could be very atmospheric, something I feel the game lacks at times.

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~Region specific changes – as the last remaining area of the map is right below the ancient Isles, shores of plenty and left of the Devils roar, the biome colour of trees and grasses could change too. The closer to the Devils roar the more dead an dried out it is and the closer it is to the shore of plenty the less marshy it is.

~ Single outpost. Risk/reward – the company's are very interested in some of the Ancients belongings from this region, as some hold unknown power. Delivery of ancient relics found in this area to the one outpost in the bottom left of the map provides chances of higher riches, or higher chances of being sunk.

~Split islands and massive trees – Since the islands are so big, a couple have splits, or little rivers that could fit a sloop and lead into an area in the center where you can park. Also trees. Big trees. Smaller ones to climb, massive ones to hide your ship. I want element of surprise, I want to turn the corner and find a ship just chillin cause no one saw eachother when you sailed in and arrived. Just imagine it, personally I think it would be really sick.

Honestly I feel like this area could be the hardest to deal with overall and requires a skilled and aware crew, even more so than the Devils roar. Cause currently the DR is like "if it quakes we run". I guess I'm going for a bit more of a survivalist and strategic feel for this.

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Also the outpost here could have some exclusive cosmetics to the outpost. I really liked it when they used to do that with the crab and kraken set ay Morrows Peak.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talks!


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