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Rule clarifications and descriptions for posts. Please give this a read, or check out the link in the sidebar before posting.

Content of the article: "Rule clarifications and descriptions for posts. Please give this a read, or check out the link in the sidebar before posting."

So in response to some people being irritated at removals, etc, I am writing this post to outline rules, as it is being skimmed over, or being misunderstood.

I will detail each rule, and give examples where need be, or on rules that are typically removed as rule breaks. Some of this will be copy paste from the link with more details regarding the rules that is in our sidebar.

Rule 1

All post must be related to the Sea of Thieves.

This rule here can cover multiple types of posts, whether they be texts or images or macros. Things discussing SoT, or SoT being the central theme will be allowed.

For example, a post discussing say, Pirate legends and what may be waiting for us, or feature posts, or posts discussing in-game mechanics, items, etc are allowed.

A post that isnt allowed for example is, "Are there any other games like Sea of Thieves but X instead." Where the central discussion, by the nature of the post, becomes unrelated to SoT.

Rule 2

Basic Gameplay will be removed.

This means screenshots of levels, scenery(barring very very small exceptions, like in some instances hilarious bugs we haven't seen), clouds, islands, quick dicken skeleton captain, funny rowboat positions etc.

Here is another list, detailed in the rules in the sidebar with some additions to make it further clearer:

  • Cosmetics/Commendations

  • Hitting Pirate Legend/Level show off

  • Leaving chests/resources at outposts

  • "Look at my "

  • Positioning ships/rowboats in wacky places

  • Viking Funerals (Sending any boat off at the end of the session)

  • Clouds

  • Low-chance RNG (Meg/Kraken/Skele)

  • Common/known bugs

Loot hauls need to be sizeable to not breach this rule. As in, there has got to be a LOT of stuff on the boat for it to count. A FOTD alone isn't even enough to be allowed but a 3 or 4+ stack would be allowed.

Rule 3

Simple Questions will be removed.

Things like this:

  • "What is your favorite set/pet/outfit/ship type/food/fish/activity?"

  • "What island is X?"

  • Any question that has an immediate and accurate answer via google. If it is an SoT question you SHOULD google it because it is much faster than waiting for the subreddit to answer nearly every time.

Rule 4

Videos or screenshots taken from a phone, badly cropped, low bitrate, low overall quality, and/or blurry will be removed.

Videos that include poorly mixed audio, ear-rape, aggressive or abusive music, constant flashing, and/or other low quality artifacts will also be removed.

This include poorly shot art and quick sketches.

So to explain the above:

Xboxes and PCs ALL come with software, for free, that can screencap, passive record, active record, and stream. There is NO excuse to pull out your phone to take a picture or record your screen with video.

Xboxes have Game DVR, Nvidia GPU users have Shadowplay, and AMD has Relive. You PC will have this software if you download your GPU drivers. Period. Please look through the software and see how it all works. You will find it is pretty cool and useful. Things like screenshots, saving a cool thing you did as a replay (even though you didn't actively record), recording hours of footage, etc, are available to all SoT players, for free, at any time.

With a camera taking a photo/video of the screen you will see pixels, distortions (kind of like a fish eye thing going on) etc, and it is unpleasant to look at, and considering the difficulty of taking screenshots/videos with provided software on all SoT platforms is so low, there should be no reason to use high quality software that is provided, for free.

Rule 5

Memes need to be sensical and original.

Meme templates that take 30 seconds to make are going to be removed.

Things that are piratey related will be removed. Pirates are not inherently related to Sea of Thieves ONLY. A dog in a boat with a pirate outfit on with the crummy template text on top with emojis saying "THE MOST FEARED PIRATE ON THE SEAS" no matter how many upvotes, is a rule break. Photoshopping items from SoT or SoT related stuff, as in, putting more effort into the meme despite templating, is more acceptable.

Rule 6

Posts must promote discussion.

Suggestions must be text posts, descriptive, thought through, and clearly outline your vision. Images and "wouldn't this be cool if" posts are not acceptable.

Breaches include indirect messages in the form of "To the crew.." posts, and basic complaint posts like "The kraken and the meg spawned at the same time!", "Why does everyone just sink you", "I quit this game for good".

Legitimate complaints, and discussion around such are welcome; don't use this sub as a rant/whinge platform.

So a post that is 2 sentences complaining about PvP or something that happened to you in-game will be removed.

Generally you really want to stick to, if possible, to "Suggestions must be text posts, descriptive, thought through, and clearly outline your vision. Images and "wouldn't this be cool if" posts are not acceptable."

Rule 7

Do not derail discussion with off-topic comments or spam.

Pretty self explanatory. Maintaining a healthy discussion is important but intentionally trying to steer the course of talk away from the original focus, or spamming is not allowed.

Rule 8

Do not repost.

Generally anything posted in the last 3 days is not allowed. Repeated reposting from an account may also result in a ban, as it is just karmafarming.

Typically this is up to moderator discretion.

Rule 9

No discussing hacks, cheats, or pirated material.

Also self explanatory. Posts or comments that link, share, or ask for pirated material, hacks, or cheats will be removed. We do not condone piracy or unfair play.

Rule 10

Clear all Giveaways & Contests with Moderators.

All giveaways and contents must be cleared with the Moderators before they are posted. This is to ensure the validity of all giveaways.

Please ensure that you provide the mod team with the details of the promotion including any links, pictures of products, etc so that we can verify the giveaway itself.

Think rule 11 (below) with this as well. Giveaways are typically promotion based material and are used to garner lots of attention towards something.

Rule 11

Keep Promotion Reasonable.

We keep a 9:1 ratio of regular posts to promotions. IE 9 regular posts, 1 promotion. We have a lot of accounts that come here on the daily and just post their stream and YouTube videos, etc. And these accounts do nothing else other than comment on their own posts about the YouTube video etc. They aren't necessarily contributing to the community, and rather, are advertising themselves.

Rule 12

No distribution of NDA or Insider content.

This is an IMMEDIATE ban. Always.

Any content under an NDA, even though you are not under said NDA, is subject to this rule.

Recent comments detailing the battle pass other than what has been PUBLICLY RELEASED OUTSIDE OF THE INSIDER BUILD for example, like its price, what items it has, how it works, etc will get you a ban for example. This is non negotiable as you signed a legal document. If Rare got mad enough they can arguably sue you for breaking it, but in actuality you kiss any account goodbye that touched that insider build if they find out who you are. Microsoft may take action on your console itself, banning it outright. Rare is able to track hardware IDs, Account Unique IDs (an ID we are not allowed to see but exists), Account Names, and the IP addresses you logged in from. That means with all of this information they can ban alts too on the fly. I would not risk this in ANY way myself.

Rule 13

Do not abuse other participants.

Any post or comment, harassing, abusing, doxxing, witchunting, can result in a removal or even a ban. This includes clips 'reporting' players. Report them to rare and Microsoft and be done with it.

Rule 14

All posts and comments should follow and comply with Reddit’s rules of Reddiquette.

Please read the reddiquette here if you are unfamiliar with it.


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