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Salty salty pirates.

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Story time! So I was OoS questing to grind some standing and got to my first island. I was gathering the loot on the beach and started exploring the island when I noticed some Sloop sails moving from the backside of the island. I run to my ship to pop off a shot at this blank Sloop and hit em 2 times. Said Sloop anchors just out of range and just sits there. I harpoon 2 powder kegs off the shore and start leaving.

Sloop starts spamming chat saying they have a gift for me, an Athena Chest no less. As I'm pulling away they wing me with a sniper shot. Then they keep spamming me 'why not?' as I circle the island. Whatever, oldest trick in the book. I come around the backside of the island and they start blasting chainshot and whatnot. Not a single hit. I tap em a few times with my cannon while I pass.

I'm all good to go on my merry way and they start chasing me. Sigh I have no loot except a storage crate and some powder kegs. I figured my PvP skill in a 2 pirate Sloop against me being solo wouldn't end well.

So I bob and weave around some rocks, get near the storm with some rocky waves and notice they are right on my tail. Set the helm to a clear path and wait for a high wave and jump out the back of my Sloop by the nav table, powder kegs in tow. They didn't see it coming. I blew the hell out of their ship, died and returned to mine unscathed.

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I circle back and start blasting, ram their ship, board them and take out one of them and hop back on my ship and leave.

I notice they repair and continue to give chase. Hit em with the powder kegs kamikaze and blow the hell out of their ship….again.

So this time I decide to sink them, because fuck em. I turn around and make a pass and fire bomb their ship and notice they started spamming 'COWARD!' in the chat.

So I turn around and ram them and kill one aboard their ship and the other in an underwater duel.

Sent em a message saying

'You misspelled pirate.'

So if you read all that I have a question.

Do people really expect certain fighting etiquette when it come to this game? Or is it that they were just salty they were outsmarted?


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