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Sea Dogs for Adventure mode concept

Content of the article: "Sea Dogs for Adventure mode concept"

Because i am not a big fan of the arena i came up with an idea on how the Sea Dogs could be added in adventure mode. I am still a bit new to the game and learning some stuff so sorry in advance if something doesn’t make sense.

I really like the sea dogs as a faction and would love to be able to progress with them in adventure mode. My idea was to add a seadog to every outpost like the other factions. You can also buy voyages from the like the other factions but you wont be able to do them if you are new to the game, only if you are (for example) level 15 with 3 other factions. This adds a new bit of progression in the game and something you can work up to when you just start out. This also could be added to the lore that the seadogs dont want to deal with rookie pirates outside of their arena. The sea dogs have voyages like the other factions but these are a bit more pvp/arena related.

Voyage ideas: 1, find sea dogs chest(s), This is like the gold Hoarders quest where you have to dig up a chest and bring it back But instead of giving you a map, the Chest will light up with a beacon like in the arena. Other players also can see this beacon and try to get the chest themselves or take it from you. The chest contains Silver Instead of gold and will fill up more if you manage to sink another ship when its on yours. You can trade the chest of silver at an outpost for gold

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2, deliver a seadogs chest from Point A to B. The chest also has a beacon and will fill up more when you sink someone when its on your ship

3, Speedrun, since the sea dogs are a really competitive faction i thought it would be cool to also have a non PVP based voyage. So non PVP players could also enjoy it. This voyage starts a timer when you start the quest. Your objective is to drop of gems to other sea dogs npcs scattered around the map (a lot of islands can spawn a sea dog on a certain location) you get a route when you start the quest and have to try to deliver it as fast as possible. You get more gold the faster you deliver all gems and return the a outpost. If you happen to come across a spawned sea dog and you arent doing the quest, you know someone else is and you could wait for them and take their gems and sell them back to the outpost so it still has a little bit of PVP in it.

4, Fort take over. When you get this quest you will get a key to a (down) skeleton fort. You need to go to that fort and when you are there you need to insert the key into it. This will start a timer (for example: 30 minute timer) and spawn beacons on the fort. In these 30 minutes you have to defend the fort from other players. Either the other players need to try to take the key from you or destroy certain parts of the fort. If the you survived the 30 minutes a vault will open with sea dogs chests and other goodies. The chests will be more filled with silver if you sunk more players in the process.

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I hope you like my ideas! I think sea dogs is a cool faction and would love to progress them in adventure mode!


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