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Sea of Thieves has taught me a lot about determination and patience

Content of the article: "Sea of Thieves has taught me a lot about determination and patience"

I play Sea of Thieves solo, because I don't really have any friends that like the game as much as I do. I have yet to reach level 50 with either of the three main factions. Although I am very close with the Gold Hoarders, only about 2 levels away. Something about this game allures me. The mechanics and gameplay elements all fuse together to create an experience unlike any other. It truly is a gem that I feel people still unfairly criticize due to the state it was in when it launched. It has come a long way since it's launch.

As a solo player I'm not great at PvP. I'm not great at sailing and fighting simultaneously, but I still love the thrill of it when it happens. A couple days ago I was doing a Gold Hoarders emissary and I had collected like 10 chests and a few skulls and random doodads and I was about to turn them all in. But sadly on my final stretch to the outpost I was attacked by a skellie sloop whilst having a Chest of Sorrows on my sloop. I sank and in a fit of rage I quit the game. I lost everything. I told myself I was done with Sea of Thieves. But I was just fooling myself. If anything I still appreciate that whole experience, even though it didn't turn out in my favor. Maybe I shouldn't have risked taking the chest of sorrows. That was my downfall, but I chose to take that risk and I paid the price.

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Unlike most games this game teaches me patience. It also teaches me humility. It forces me to be a better person and to accept the harsher truth that you have to fight for what you want. It helps me come to terms that we are not always guaranteed rewards and treasures. I think too many games are anchored around pleasing players and making sure they get something for their effort. In Sea of Thieves there are no certainties. That's part of what immerses me into the Universe Rare has created. With each update this game adds to that Universe and those game mechanics. I love that this game isn't P2W. I love that you are playing this game for the journey, and not the outcome. How many other games that truly say they have achieved that? Not many.

I apologize for my lengthy rant. I wanted to share my love for this beautiful game. I hope I meet you out on the seas one day! I will fight you if that is what you seek. I will fight for what I have, but I will be gracious if I lose. I will not whine like a little ***** and call you disrespectful names because you took my stuff. I hope all of us can adopt this attitude. It is part of what makes this all so magical.

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