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Sea of Thieves needs more evergame

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The amount of titles, commendations and other things to do are getting less and less which means I am close to finishing the game. I always thought the evergame was a bit lackluster in SoT but with the adding of the pirate emporium you see more cosmetics getting put there but not much everywhere else. (The number of titles this update for example).

While my grandma always said to not whine without solutions I have decided to write down my take on the ever game.


Arena is a weird place. Once you have the 240 wins and unlocked all cosmetics and commendations there is no reason to play it. Granted the matches are faster so it’s a hop in, hop out (unless Galleon).
I understand that arena isn’t that well suited for “competitive” modes but as an evergame they could make it fun to keep playing.

We know that nametags can have different colors (alliances) so how fun would it be to keep grinding arena for “prestige” after Triumphant Seadog. Every next 100 wins you get a “tier” color. So if you see someone with a bronze name you know they have won 100 more after Triumphant. Then it changes color to silver, gold, platina and diamond. Once you hit diamond you get an icon (like the one when you see a teammate holding a chest for example) and you start over. The icon can be a square, hexagon, stars what not to show you how much people won.

So if you see a guy in arena with a Diamond Colored Hexagon you KNOW they played a lot. You could even stack those to keep it going. So an icon consisting of 3 golden stars for example. Whether you are helping people in arena or you are playing it for fun you get some sort of progress. Colors/icons can be anything I just put the idea there. It gives people a reason to grind to. You can even reward people with a triumphant seadog jacket that has said icon on the back (maybe even recolor it but I come to that point next).


Currently the only cosmetics that are being added are either for the black market or the pirate emporium. We have so many good looking cloths already and even more gold to spend. But there isn’t anything to spend it on… Why not recolor the royal sovereign set? They are in the game and optimized for characters. Just make it white, black, purple, blue, red whatever. All the clothes we have could have a lot of different colors.
The UI currently is not the best for clothing so make it so that when I select a t-shirt I can select any color I have bought. Every piece of clothing can have so many different color variations so it gives us a 1) a reason to spend the masses of gold we have and 2) it makes it so we can customize our pirates a bit more. I understand the pirate emporium needs to be there and that’s where the focus is but it cannot be that hard to recolor what we already have.

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More islands:

The dev’s said it’s not possible/hard to increase the map size. However we have 2 beautiful islands already. The maiden voyage island and Shores of gold are huge and marvelous. It’s a shame that no one comes there once you did the maiden voyage/completed the tall tales. This islands should be used and have a reason to visit.

Old Sailor’s Isle (maiden voyage island) is stunning. Lots of hiding places and being next to Thieves Haven easy to visit. This could be a “raid” island. Once a month (in game month) it opens the shroud and the path you used to exit becomes the path to enter. You then have an in game hour to gather/find all the loot on the island (good loot is scattered everywhere). Here is the kicker. The shroud slowly closes again and if you didn’t leave the island in time you cannot get out and sink (like the vault but then for ships). Other people have a choice as well. They can enter with you and fight you for the loot, they can make an ambush at the end with the risk of you not getting out, or they can help you and everyone leaves happy with loot. Either way. It’s a fun new experience and the island get used.

Shores of gold is another big island with no purpose besides TT9. This island can be used in a same manner or it could be a easter egg island. Every update there is hidden easter eggs (chests/books what not) that you need to find. Finding them gives a title and commendation. This gives you a reason to visit the island each month and maybe scatter some loot left and right. I can understand they want the island to be left alone because of the Tall Tale but it’s such a waste of a beautiful island.

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Currently there is a cap on commendations/titles which “hurts” the evergame. Whenever I see a crested queen I just sail away. I don’t need any loot, I have the legendary title so why bother? It’s not a challenge as well. But what if the number keeps rising? 100 crested queens killed? Legendary Butcher of the Crested Queen. 200 Killed? Legendary Slayer of the Crested Queen just keep it going. Once you notice someone getting the 200 number title, add another one. Someone hit a 1000 kills? Give them crested queen sails. Something to show off! They killed 2000? Same sails but with a golden border. Possibilities are endless here. Could even make certain clothes have a special “meg” color. Once you killed an x number of megs you can dye your clothes in the meg colors. For a hefty fee of course to liberate us from that gold.

Same with chests. I have hoarder of the treasure tears. No reason to take crying chests with me. Another piece of loot that has no value for me. (in fact I never take any loot with me for this reason, gold has no value and it doesn’t give me anything). But what if it gives me something? Like 500 crying chests cashed in gives you a title BUT also some sails? Just some blue sails with a tear on it or the face of the chest. When you see someone with those sails you know they are dedicated in selling the crying chests and know how to keep their ship afloat. And just add a colored banner to the sails to keep the number rising. I would love to meet the guy that has the tear sails with a platinum border!

This update was a nice change with the vaults but besides the Gold Hoarder Chest I leave the rest. It would be nice if loot has meaning and I need to fight for it again. If I sink now with loot it doesn't mean anything. So the fights are less tense then they used to be in the past.

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Huge disclaimer;
It’s not that I don’t like the game. The fact that I am complaining means that I want the game to be fun for the long future. As we proved getting pirate legend is easier than ever (doable in 1 day and even in less than 12 hours with a double rep weekend) and I am afraid that I get bored of the game if there is no incentive to play. Once I have unlocked everything there is not much to do. Stealing people’s loot? For what? Just to annoy them since I don’t gain from it? Help other people. Sure but again, helping a stranger and I get nothing out of it? Will be boring after a few days.


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