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Small PSA to all SoT Players

Content of the article: "Small PSA to all SoT Players"

This is a small reminder/announcement about the game that applies to all current players, new and old, as well as those who are considering purchasing the game.

Please take a moment to remember that this glorious game is a PvPvE game. Now, let me repeat that.


This means that no matter what in adventure mode, you are going to encounter enemies at any point of time whether it’s other players or the AI in the game. This is unavoidable as of right now and even when private servers are introduced to the public, you will NOT be able to get gold/reputation/commendations for a reason. It would be even more broken than alliance servers if you could and would render adventure mode pointless.

You as the player and as a person in general, need to understand that you are not always going to win at everything you do in the game. There will always be someone better and you need to accept that, whether this is in adventure or arena.

You must always be aware of your surroundings and over time you will get better at the game. It takes time. The game has been out for nearly 3 years now and there are still people playing from Day 1. Naturally these people may be better but again, over time you too will get better at PvP too like you would in any game.

And like with any multiplayer game, you will encounter toxicity in the game. Doesn’t matter on the game mode or whether you’re a fresh spawn or with loots-a-plenty. They will come for you and YOU then have the CHOICE to either leave immediately, scuttle your ship or block the people and change server. This does not mean that everyone in the game is bad or toxic.

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You as the player need to play smart. Learn. Adapt. Overcome the obstacles. Watch guides on YouTube to help. Everyone is always finding a new way to get the advantage in any situation and the more you know/apply, the better your experience will be overall.

I’d highly recommend testing the waters properly in adventure before even attempting to come to arena too. Otherwise you have absolutely no excuse when you get killed and don’t have fun.

This post is not targeted at anyone in particular and is something that people seem to need to have a reminder of. Also to note – By all means if you need to vent about a bad experience on reddit, then go for it, but don’t then be confused or angry at people disagreeing with you. Because at the end of the day, some people prefer the PvP and some people prefer the PVE.

That’s just how it is and that will never change. Again, Sea of THIEVES has been and aways will be a PvPvE game where you will win some and lose some. Don’t be salty if you lose your loot to a player or AI, again Thieves is in the title. And don’t be toxic if you steal someone’s loot, remember that others are trying to have a good time too.

TL;DR – Sea of Thieves is a great game that has always been PvPvE and that is how it will always be. People can be toxic but you need to play smart to win.

Remember everyone, nobody plays a sandbox game the same. That’s just how it is.

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Good luck and happy sailing pirates.


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