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The Alliance FoTD task is absolute bullshit

Content of the article: "The Alliance FoTD task is absolute bullshit"

As the title really. I've tried to do this twice now, spent 6 hours and got nothing. Thing is I have limited time to play, and the requirement to do a task over which you have no ability to control is just absolute horseshit.

Literally spent 3 hours this afternoon on a dual sloop trying to alliance the FoTD. Found a team and allianced up. They went their own way and we went off and started FoTD with my partner. Got to the GreyMarrow fight and one of us fell of the top and stumbled upon one of our alliance friends tucking on the island. Killed them, searched the island and found their mate and killed them too. Met them on the ship of the damned, and told them they could have the loot, we just need to complete it for the challenge.

Suddenly the alliance is broken, and we're then attacked by their brig – with them in full Soul Flame kit which they weren't in before. They knew what we wanted, why we wanted it, because they had already done it. Instead of helping and having all the loot, they decided to fuck us over because they could. It gained them nothing in loot or reputation, and cost me lots. There was nothing we could do. We could fight them and complete the fort but not the event – or we could try and find another alliance whilst they completed the fort and again – we wouldn't get to complete the event.

As I said, I don't have a huge amount of time to play. 6 hours spent doing this twice with the same result each time. I'm not going to put another 3 hours in to try again – so I can't complete the event.

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I generally come across two types of player in the game. One that wants to be left alone to do their own thing, and the rest are twats who enjoying pissing people off. The first aren't going to help with this event quest, and neither are the second.

And that is why I think any event quest that relies on others is just bullshit. It's Sea of Thieves not Sea of Friend, Rare. Any event that takes hours to complete and relies on others not to betray you is bollocks because the game is predicated on being untrustworthy.


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