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The best experience and the worst experience ice had since I bought this game two days ago.

Content of the article: "The best experience and the worst experience ice had since I bought this game two days ago."

Best Experience

Decided fuck it, why not try and take on this hallenging boss with a random on our sloop. Little did we know this boss was Red Ruth. She isn't your typical kite the enemy to the beach and blast em with cannon type of boss either. We tried that until our shop was blown half to pieces, forcing us to use almost all of our materials. Next we just let her chase us around the island periodically stocking up on ammunition to enable our assault against her. This continued for some time until a group of friendly pirates showed up on a brigantine and helped the two of us defeat this boss that we were woefully unprepared for.

These guys were super friendly and after the we defeated the boss the offered an alliance and let us keep all the loot for ourselves.

It doesn't end their though, myself and the other rookie pirate screwing our sloop decided it would be wise to quit while we were ahead, and sell all of the valuables gained from this adventure. We set sail on a course through the high seas to an outpost not far from were we fought the boss. Along the way though, we encountered a skeleton ship crewed by the undead, that shot cannonball after cannonball towards our frail hull. Our ship was on it's last legs, our mast was destroyed and we were dangerously close to running out of planks and ammo.

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With one of us constantly bailing and the other trying desperately to board the skele ship to try and halt the barrage of fire, we managed to survive just long enough for the friendly group of fellas from earlier to show up and save the day. They generously donated planks and cannonballs to deal with the skeleton ship. After it had sunk they once again courageously declared that we could enjoy all the spoils from this victory and sent us on our way.

At any point during our encounters with these guys could they have taken advantage of two rookie pirates struggling to crew their sloop, but these guys were respectful and really inviting towards us. Good on you guys.

Worst Experience

This only happened within an hour of posting this, and to be honest I'm still pretty fucking salty. I was playing open crew on a sloop with just me, I had just reached the finished a voyage and my sloop was pretty full up on loot from multiple quests and encounters when I get a pop up on my screen. "Someone has joined your crew." Great, I think. Someone to help me unload all this cargo.

I could not have been more wrong. Immediately the new crewmember diverts the course that we're heading in pointing us in the direction of a particularly fearsome galleon flying a readers emissary flag. I immediately course correct and say thatch want to sell our junk. "Whatever" replies the random. So I take us towards an outpost. Along the way we were forced to navigate through some rocky terrain, and we successfully make it through without a scratch, that is until fuckwit sees a small boat behind us on the horizon and immediately makes the executive decision to pull a u-turn and fight it. This on its own would have been fine but since we had just escaped from a b7nch of shitty rocky spikes, our u-turn was cut short and we were sent head first into a rock, unfortunately this blew up a gunpowder barrel we were storing below deck, killing us both instantly and sinking the ship.

Now I still had hope that we could reclaim this treasure, there was some good shit in there, including a couple of ashen chests + keys. We respawned on a small island not too far from where we went down originally, I was more than happy to make the trip back, but my crewmember decided it would be a much more effective use of our time if he just decided to throw as many fire bombs as he could at our new sloop killing us both again, we burned to death. Not to mention the constant background noise in his mic and unintelligible voice chat. I alt+F4'd right then and there, I was sick of dealing with that guy, damn.

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Fun game though, GG would re


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