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The State of Sea of Thieves Right Now

This is a bit of a long post so prepare for a wall of text. I don't expect most to agree with me, and I feel like this is going to be downvoted into oblivion, but this is just my opinion as a guy who's played since release.

TL;DR: The game hasn't added anything important in months, the combat is complete garbage right now, and the game is buggy as all hell.

Right now, Sea of Thieves is the worst it's ever been. Yes I know, a bit of a bold statement. You may argue that the game is actually doing incredibly well, what with all the "new" content and players coming in, but I want to put this opinion out there because it's how I feel about the game. To really put this into more perspective, I want to break this up into sections, and I'll do the best I can to explain my thoughts.

Content: Since its release, Sea of Thieves has gotten a mountain of new content for us to play around with and enjoy, but in these past few months, I feel like nothing has really changed. The last major update for me that really added something new was Ashen Winds, and which was released in July of last year.

Now I can maybe see why this is, what with Covid being a large factor that inhibited both the work and quality of the game in those months, but still, the game really just hasn't added anything new that has really changed the game in a meaningful way. This can also be seen in the new "seasonal updates" that Rare has been employing for the past few months, I can barely remember anything important they added in Season 1, and what did we get in season 2 again? A fort with the same enemy types, same bosses, and same wave structure as any other fort, with just a bit more loot. Yes, we got new Merchant voyages which were long overdue, but for someone who rarely does those types of things, I really didn't get anything from these past seasons. Rare has added more things in a month than they have in the past two seasons combined, just think of Ships of Fortune and how that changed the game immensely.

Combat: Ah yes, the same old complaint about combat in Sea of Thieves, and while I may be repeating hundreds of other people, there's a reason we say these things and complain about them. Sea of Thieves combat is in all honestly a dumpster fire, guns not doing damage, one blunders not one blundering, sword breaking the laws of physics while stretching around block, backtracking, you name it. Anyone who is good with any weapon in the game, whether it be sword or guns, is affected by these issues. Tell me as someone who has actually spent a large amount of time pvp'ing that the game isn't inherently buggy when it comes to these issues. I'm not making the argument of "SwOrD oP dOuBlE gUn GoOd GiT gUd SwOrD nOoB" because it's been done to death, I'm saying that Rare has made it clear that they do not want to fix these issues, seeing as how they've been in the game for years.

New players can win against highly experienced players, not because they're skilled or the experienced player did something wrong, but because the game didn't register that you hit that guy, or that guys sword went through your block even though you're looking right at him, or you got backtracked and stunned. I've been killed more times by the devs ineptitude or unwillingness to fix these issues than I care to count, and it almost feels like Rare wants to punish anyone who, god forbid, tries to get better at the game. In the words of TheRocketYoshi, "Sea of Thieves is a fighting game, but you shouldn't be fighting the game itself."

Bugs: Finally we get to the major part of this post, the reason for most of my friends leaving Sea of Thieves, and the reason that I just don't want to play it anymore, the diddly darn bugs. Anyone who plays the game for any amount of time can tell countless tales of the bugs in Sea of Thieves, the wind bug, the old water bug that destroyed your ears, teleporting inside someone's ship, the game freezing at random moments for no reason, flying ships and floating people, hit reg issues and backtrack galore, bugs bugs bugs are everywhere. I haven't had a single play session in the past 4 months where I haven't experienced at least one bug or glitch in the game, and that's just really sad. Say I'm overreacting or blowing it out of proportion, I'm not, this is my experience in the game and I hate it, I hate not being able to see wind, I hate not being able to shoot my gun or have it do no damage entirely, I hate getting my ship launched and seeing my past 4 hours of grinding fly away and sink because the game won't spawn me a mermaid (true story).

You might say I'm being a baby, and you're right, I'm mad that the game I love is in such a depressing state, I hate logging off with a bitter attitude because the same galleon that I sunk 3 separate times keeps spawning 2-3 islands away while the game decides that I deserve to be spawned on the other side of the map and I lose another 4 hours of grind with my friend (also true story). Every day I log onto the game my friends and I say "how will the game break today" and guess what, we're never wrong about that, it always manages to do something, major or minor, that screws with us and makes our life harder. I don't want to play a game that actively punishes me for playing it.

This was a bit of a rant post that I decided to make while getting my hour done on Insider, if you want, talk about your experiences, correct me if I'm wrong on anything here, and take this with a grain of salt since this was an annoyed me getting mad over a game I play in my free time.


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