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The Story of a Determined Noob, A griefer, The Shroudbreaker, and a Rowboat

Content of the article: "The Story of a Determined Noob, A griefer, The Shroudbreaker, and a Rowboat"

Spoilers I guess for people who have legit just started the game

Today is like my 3rd-4th time playing the game on an open server, and I decided to start the tall tale. I go to the shipwreck, get the ship logs, get the sunken chest, and figure out I need to go to crook's hollow. I've seen some youtube videos on sea of thieves so I correctly guessed that I have to use the scarab token on the one place in the cave to open the vault. I go through the puzzle section after lighting the fires and then eventually find out I have to dig in the spots shown in the pool to get the vault tokens. However, while I'm searching for the second token a sloop shows up. I get on my ship and get ready for a fight but they pass by, so I thought they were friendly. I anchor near them and go to kill a skeleton shooting at their boat from the top of the island while they start wailing at a mermaid gem thing (again, new player, so I have no clue what they're called. All I know is that they have a mermaid gem inside them if you hit them for long enough). However, when I get back, their ship is gone, nowhere in sight, and my ship is in the process of sinking. I'm not 100% sure, but I think they sunk my ship and disconnected. Now, what I'd assume a normal person would do here is take the mermaid back to the ship and come back later to finish the vault, or maybe just quit.

But not me.

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I get in my head that I should finish the vault, get in a rowboat on the island, look up where the nearest outpost is on an online map (which is kind of cheating but I don't really care, I wanted this quest done), and row all the way there. So I do exactly that. I finish the vault, finding the last two tokens, almost die to the skeletons on my way to the rowboat, and head off to ancient spire. I proceed to spend the next 20-30 minutes rowing, somehow ending up just south of kraken's fall, completely lost, turn around, and go to ancient spire. I get the shroud breaker to the mysterious guy and feel satisfied that I just stuck it to some jerk.

I probably made some kind of grammar in this but whatever, hope you enjoyed the story


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