Sea of Thieves

These seas deserve a better class of criminal… and my crew encountered them

First, some context. I've been playing SoT with the same three other people since the game launched. I am extremely fortunate to have three friends who are so consistently available and enjoy sailing the seas. We set sail about once a week on average. We mix up our activities but primarily focus on completing forts because it's the most consistently engaging thing to do.

We play on XBox and aren't the most PvP inclined, but we won't shy away from conflict either. We're coordinated and experienced and often sink the reaper boats that come after us. When we do lose a PvP battle, it's always against PC players or certainly very skilled XBox players.

The crew we encountered last night were without a doubt, PC players.

We had just finished the Fort of the Damned and a brigantine was maybe 30 seconds out. Fair enough. We take the key and set sail, ready to fight. The first volley of chain-shots take down masts on both ships. I'm on the wheel until a cursed 'dancing ball' has me doing a jig.

My teammate shouts that they're shooting over. One of them lands directly on the ship and drops our anchor. We kill that guy but the enemy climbing up the ladder is able to jump around and drop one of us. We kill him too but they've now moved their ship outside of our cannon arc and dropped their anchor off our bow.

We start to raise the anchor but another cursed cannonball has us suddenly taking a nap. The writing is on the wall at this point but we fight it out for another 5 minutes or so.

We've been beaten, but we're determined to fight back and recover the fort key. The key is marked on the map so we pursue them to the "big unnamed triangle-arch fort" to the east of Reaper's Hideout. Their ship bumps into the docks and it looks like several pirates jump off.

We hunt down their ship and sink it. Nobody is onboard. In retrospect, this feels more noteworthy than in the moment. At the time, we just shrugged and circled back to kill them and retrieve the key. They had no respawn. How hard could it be?

Needless to say, it didn't work out that way. As we began assaulting the fort, two things became readily apparent: they had multiple top tier snipers and somehow their brigantine was carrying 4 players. Our initial attacks were easily defeated and they were even sniping us out of the air as we shot over. It was wild.

We weren't going to grind them down with endless waves. They were simply too skilled and too coordinated. We loaded up on throwables and all shot over together, determined to overwhelm them as a united front.

We did manage to kill one of them but their combined arms fire stopped us before we could kill any others. We tried to press our 4v3 advantage, but we were out of throwables and found no further success until the brigantine returned. We tried to sink it before they could reach the island, but they shot over from the cannon and made it onto the island to reinforce their crew.

We tried one more coordinated assault before giving up. We'd been trounced in the most epic fashion possible. However, the trolling wasn't over quite yet.

After two of my crew signed off for the night, my buddy and I shot back over to the fort to wish them a hardy "well played." Once it became clear that we'd given up, one of them responds with a "follow me." This SOB leads us to where they'd hidden the key. It was stuck behind two barrels against the building. I can only assume that they were laughing their asses off while we tried to pick it up.

"So why steal it?"

"Well, because they thought it was good sport. Some men aren't looking for anything logical like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn."

Bravo, you bastards. Well played.


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