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To the group who we thought were our enemies

Content of the article: "To the group who we thought were our enemies"

Yo McWhateverYourNameIs, I hope you see this

Last night was mine and my friends first night playing the game, we were having a good time, then while docked, looking for a clue, our ship was destroyed and looted, and we were promptly killed by the galleon that did it. Kinda sucked we lost some loot and had to sail a long way to make it back, but we moved on with our night. We then sailed to the island our quest was taking us too, and guess who was on the horizon going to the same place. That god forsaken galleon that sunk us earlier. At this point we thought we had and enemy coming for us, so my friend got on cannons and fired. We were far enough away that neither boat hit each other, but one of their crew mates did get on board our ship after we dropped anchor at the island we had to go to. We killed him, his teammate came on board and killed me before getting shot himself. On the ferry of the damned, I heard the enemy pirate speak through game chat, asking if we were friendly and wanted to call a truce, I told him, yeah, please. So both sides stood down. Turns out we both had stuff to do on the same island. So we each got our stuff done, me and the guy with the mic talking, he found out it was our first and said he felt bad for sinking our ship. Man offered us a supply box as an apology which was super nice and totally didn’t need to be done, then his teammate helped us do one of the fate of the damned quests, earning us the sword from the event. The guy then gave us some tips before leaving. Their ship started to go and we heard him trying to tell us one more tip, something about the flags, but just then, disaster struck. A volcano near by started to explode and a rock direct impacted our ship, killing all three of us and sinking our ship in our single strike. My friends and I had to go to sleep, it was late, so we ended up never learning what that guy was trying to tell up about the flags, but he definitely made our night.

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I hope one of you guys sees this, you guys were awesome, thank you so much for last night, I hope you all had a good haul last night (if you do see this what were you gonna tell us abt the flags)


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