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Trust, Betrayal, and Gunpowder: A semi-cautionary SoT story.

Content of the article: "Trust, Betrayal, and Gunpowder: A semi-cautionary SoT story."

A long yesterday ago, me and my most consistent pirate buddy were out doing our usual two-man pirate things. Slapping flameheart around, picking fights with Brigs and Galleons, the usual. Towards the end of our session, we decided to get a quick skeleton fort down. No issue, we've done tons and have a pretty good routine for maximizing our time efficiency. This time, however, would prove to be different. As we're sailing towards the fort, we spot a Galleon docked there. Not just any Galleon, but a Legend Galleon my friend and I had teamed up with another sloop to sink earlier. Still no issue, I get on the cannon and prepare to rain hellfire down onto them as soon as my partner gets me an angle.

Then it happened.

A single, high pitched voice rang out in the distance, begging for peace and an alliance. My partner was hesitant at first, but I saw the opportunity. I race up to the crow's nest and join their alliance. Before long, my partner and I are helping them mow down wave after wave of skeletons, all while talking about how we're so happy to have finally found a friendly crew that wants to team up. Their crew consisted of one obviously young kid, one guy with an extremely fake Irish accent, a girl, and some other guy that was too boring for me to remember any details of. All's going well!

At least, on their end. On our end, however, I had devised a vicious plan. As my partner and our temporary allies cleared the fort, I took the liberty of sneaking several gunpowder kegs down into the depths of their Galleon. You see, the plan was never to split the loot and form an unshakable friendship. From moment one I knew what I wanted to do with them. So I saved face, planted the barrels and then continued on helping clear the waves. Once the boss was down and the loot was open, we begin talks on how we wanted to split the loot. As to not look suspicious, my partner and I decided to take all the skulls onto our ship, and leave the rest for them. In the long run, however, all I cared about was getting that stronghold gunpowder keg onto their ship. I throw out a couple suggestions along the lines of "Hey, you guys should take these gunpowder kegs too. It's easy merchant rep."

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They had no idea. Not as I was saying it, and not as I proceeded to randomly scatter the regular kegs around their ship. The fake-irish guy, seeming to be the only one with some common sense, decided to put the mega keg in the crows nest. That provided me with the perfect tuck spot. Few minutes later, after our celebratory toast and farewell, we all depart. Me hiding inside the mega keg with my partner following close behind them. At this point I should probably also include the fact that part of the loot was a chest of sorrows. That comes into play soon.

Then, time came for all the pieces to fall into place. As we near some rocks, both a skeleton sloop and the chest of sorrow activate at the same time. The fake-irish guy, in a moment of surprising clarity, announces in game chat that he's moving the rest of the gunpowder kegs into the crows nest. I knew I had to act then and there, for I wouldn't get another chance and also had a high probability of being seen. As soon as I hear the words, I grab the mega keg and jump off the crows nest into the hole leading down into the bottom decks. My leg being broken, I shamble over to the staircase leading into the bottom, which by then had completely filled with water from the chest of sorrows. A few seconds later I had that mega keg lit and was running for my life. As soon as I get to the top of the staircase and onto the top deck, boom. The mega keg explodes, causing a massive chain reaction that instantly killed the entire four man crew, drained me of most of my health and launched me like a cannon off the front of the ship. Screams of confusion and panic echo out, barely audible over my own hysterical laughter. By the time I had turned my camera around to look back at my work, the ship was already mostly sunk. The last words I hear are from the girl, attempting to call out to me and my partner that the skeleton sloop had blown up their barrels.

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They didn't know it was me. No clue.


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