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Two Content Update Ideas: The Black Spot and The Royal Navy

Content of the article: "Two Content Update Ideas: The Black Spot and The Royal Navy"

So I thought I’d share with the community my ideas for content updates. I’ve been workshopping these ideas for some time and I really think they’ve got legs.

The Black Spot

This idea came out of reading up on people’s thoughts on a Captaincy Update. I love the idea of ships being able to be named, and this idea uses this idea as the base for new content for the Reapers.

At the hideout, Reapers will be able to purchase a “Black Spot Quest”. This quest will give the crew a Bounty poster (like the OoS Captain scrolls) with the name of the ship, and an image to show the size of the ship. The crew will also receive a compass similar to those seen in the Gold Hoarders Vault voyages. Crews will use the compass to hunt down and find the ship they have been ordered to dispose of. Once the ship is sunk, the Reapers doing the voyage will receive a reputation boost and a loot reward, as well as whatever the ship may have on board as per usual.

To help balance this, the ship that has the bounty on them will receive a pop up telling them, as well as a piece of paper with a large black spot on it that will appear on the voyage table until they have been sunk by the Reapers, completing the quest, or until the quest is cancelled.

As I said, the only ships targetable by this quest would be named PL ships through the Captaincy Update. This voyage will add an element of risk/reward for the Captaincy Update, as well as encouraging more PvP between higher level/more experienced players. The Black Spot is of course such a famous part of pirate lore and it would be great to see it added in a fun and creative way such as this.

What if there are no named ships on the server when you want to try this voyage as a Reaper? Well, perhaps the quest would be simply unavailable until there is a named ship in the server, or perhaps it could use content suggested in my second idea instead of player ships.

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The Royal Navy

As I'm sure is the same with many of you, the only other true pirate game experience I have is with Assassin's Creed Black Flag, a great game, and still for my money the best Assassin's Creed. One of my favourite mechanics in that game where the late game battles against the 'boss ships', as well as fighting fleets of naval ships. My idea lends from these encounters, and also leaves a lot of room for expansion.

I propose the addition of a new faction; the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy would have its own outpost as a base, similar to Reaper's Hideout, and indeed would operate as a direct foil to the Reapers, as well as the Pirates and Bilge Rats of the world. The Navy could indeed have its own area of the map, and could include more NPCs, shops, and trading opportunities, and combat within these areas would be strictly forbidden for fear of the Navy getting involved and stomping it out, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I see the Navy being linked to the Merchant Alliance in some capacity, and this will become more evident later. In fact, the upcoming Merchant Voyage with finding a lost merchant shipment would tie nicely into some of the ideas I have had with this new faction.

I see there being two activity opportunities with the Navy; firstly, Merchant convoys. The Navy have convoys going from one place to another and the players would be able to swoop in, defeat the convoy, and take the loot. The convoy would consist of a Naval brig, escorted by three (or more) Naval sloops. The sloops work as gunships and will use quick manoeuvres and quick fire attacks to defend the brig. The sloops would be easy enough to dispatch one on one, by a player crew could become easily overwhelmed. The brig would defend itself with cannon fire, but it's main defence would be attempting to flee. Once the brig reaches its destination, it is safe. I'm not sure if more nav, reinforcements would arrive, or if the ship would just count as safe and even if sunk after arriving, the loot would no longer drop. If the convoy is successfully dispatched, the ships would drop a large amount of merchant loot, as well as gold hoarder chests.

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This could be a voyage (probably for Reapers or Merchants) or a world event. However, similar how the ghost fleets/Flameheart update works, and how the voyage fleet is a smaller encounter than Flameheart, the Convoy fleets would work well as a mission, leaving room for a world event, the second part of my idea:

The Man o' War. This world event would have a large ship in its centre, larger than we have seen in the game so far. Think HMS Victory. This large naval ship would have huge cannon barrages at its disposal, and would take a lot of manpower to take down, indeed, alliances would be encouraged to more easily deal with this leviathan ship. I also feel that the Man o' War would be accompanied by two of the gunship Naval Sloops also. The Man o' War would drop a tremendous amount of loot, as well as a lot of supplies. I feel that this world event would add a good amount of variety to the PvE naval combat of the game, offering a different experience to the Skeleton fleets or Flameheart.

Furthermore, the Naval ships would be crewed by NPC (human) Naval sailors, with an Admiral at the help. I think it would amazing seeing ships sailing around with pristinely uniformed Naval men crewing them, offering a nice counterpoint to the hodge-podge pirate aesthetic we are used to so far.

If you've made it this far, thanks so much for reading my ideas. I love Sea of Thieves so much, and it's been great thinking up these ideas that I feel would slot in so nicely to the game. I hope I have explained my ideas clearly, but if you have any questions, or any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I could talk about this all day.

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